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Primacoustic Hexus 36 Ceiling Acoustic Panel (914 x 914 x 38mm)

Please contact me with information about availability and pricing for Primacoustic Hexus 36 Ceiling Acoustic Panel (914 x 914 x 38mm)

The Hexus 36 is part of Primacoustic's Cloud Paintable ceiling acoustic panel collection. Each pack includes mounting hardware and two hexagonal shaped panels, that can be flown from the ceiling. Designed to be re-painted to match your decor. Total surface area coverage of the Hexus 36 is 11.4 sq-ft (1.05 sq-meters).

    • Primacoustic Hexus 36 PRODUCT FEATURES:

      Cloud Paintables - Multi Shape Panels
      Paintables™ absorptive acoustic panels include a collection of exciting shapes that can be used as ceiling clouds, baffles or wall panels to reduce reverberation and improve intelligibility. The unique shapes and sizes open the door for architects, designers and installers to present clients with creative solutions that are bold, yet architecturally pleasing.

      Cloud Paintables include the circular Cirrus™, the hexagonal Hexus™, and the square Altos™. Each style is available in 36″ (91cm) and 48″ (120cm) versions, and are 1.5″ (3.8cm) thick. All panels are made from high-density glass 6lb per cubic foot (96 kg/m³) glass wool for exceptionally even absorption, and each is completely encapsulated in micro mesh with resin hardened edges. Cloud Paintables are factory finished in Absolute White latex on all sides and are ready for mounting. Unique to their design is a proprietary textured surface that enables one to lightly spray paint the panels on-site to match the décor without affecting acoustical performance.

      Installation is easy. The included Helix™ cloud anchors and SlipNot™ suspension cables allow the cloud panels to be suspended horizontally from the ceiling in spaces such as restaurants, lobbies, gymnasiums or any other space where unobtrusive acoustic treatment is desired. Cloud Paintables can also be wall mounted using Surface Impalers or installed as vertically hanging baffles using Corkscrew™ anchors (sold separately). As with all Primacoustic panels, Cloud Paintables are laboratory tested for acoustic performance as well as fire safety, achieving the most stringent Class-A/1 rating in North America and Class-B in Europe, making them safe for use in all types of installations. Each Cloud Paintables kit includes two high-density glass wool panels and all hardware required for mounting as horizontal suspended clouds. Additional hardware for wall/baffle mounting sold separately.
    • Primacoustic Hexus 36 TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS:

      914 x 914 x 38mm
      Thickness: 1.5″ (38mm)
      Edge: Square
      Includes: 2 Panels with mounting hardware
      Surface Area Coverage: 11.4 sq-ft (1.05 sq-meters)

      Absorption Characteristics &
      Sound absorption coefficient data for 1.5” (38mm) unpainted panel

      125Hz: 0.32
      250Hz: 0.87
      500Hz: 1.11
      1kHz: 1.04
      2kHz: 0.96
      4kHz: 0.96
      NRC: 1.00
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