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Punchlight Recording Lamp USB - RGB

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The Punchlight Recording Lamp USB - RGB is a wall mountable USB powered lamp that changes colour according to your DAW’s recording status! The Punchlight USB Recording Lamp can display 3 different colours that can be assigned to Recording, Pre Roll and Cue. For Mac and Windows, and can be used with all major DAW applications. The Punchlight Recording Lamp USB - RGB can also function as a flashing light silent metronome.

    • Punchlight Recording Lamp USB - RGB Features:

      Automatically indicates recording and record ready/preroll
      A cue (third colour) can be controlled manually
      New RGB internal design
      Choose your own custom colours for all 3 lamp modes
      Connects directly to USB
      No Midi Interface
      No Power Supply
      Visual metronome (firmware 1.2 and higher)
      Choose your own colour for metronome beats
      All electronics inside
      Easy installation
    • Punchlight Recording Lamp USB - RGB Specifications:

      Size - 74 x 35 mm (2,91" x 1,38")
      Removable cable 3m (can be longer if USB extension cables are used)
      Power consumption 250 mA
    • Punchlight Recording Lamp USB - RGB System Requirements:

      MAC or PC compatible
      Supported applications: Pro Tools, Nuendo, Cubase, Logic Pro, Logic Pro X, Digital Performer, Sonar, Vegas Pro, Reaper, Reason, Studio One, Samplitude, Sequoia, Sadie 6

      ** Please note, system requirements may change. For the most recent system requirements please visit the manufacturer's official product listing **

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