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RME MADIface Pro 136-Channel MADI USB Interface

RME have merged technology found in the MADIface USB and Babyface Pro audio-interfaces, to create the RME MADIface Pro. Essentially, the MADIface Pro is identical to the Babyface Pro, with the only exception being the ADAT ports have been replaced with MADI I/O. This gives you up to 128 channels of digital I/O instead of 16. The MADIface Pro ships with Mac and Windows drivers, and TotalMix FX.

    • RME MADIface Pro Features:

      Taking 8 Channels to 64 Channels
      In 2015 the RME Babyface Pro was launched to much industry acclaim. Now regarded as the new standard in high-end desktop recording, it’s superior sound, build quality and professional connectivity has made it the first choice for producers, engineers and artists everywhere.

      One year on, and RME have taken the Babyface Pro to the next level. The MADIface Pro retains the beautifully designed housing with its integrated XLR and analog I/Os, but has replaced the ADAT I/O with a MADI port. The result is 64 channels of pristine audio on a single cable on an interface that will fit in your laptop bag with your computer.

      Because of its physical design and versatile I/O, the MADIface Pro is the perfect mobile solution where quality audio is critical. As well as remote, live, broadcast and industrial applications, the MADIface Pro is also the complete solution for the studio.

      Basic Functionality
      Two analog mic/line XLR inputs, two XLR line outputs, two universal TS inputs for line or instrument, and 2 stereo TRS outputs for low and high impedance headphones provide everything you need to work on your projects in the studio or on the move. TotalMix FX adds 3-band parametric EQs and reverb/ echo, plus unlimited mixing and routing options. A MIDI I/O completes the fully DAW compatible feature set. The unit operates USB bus powered and usually does not need an external power supply, unless the MADI I/O is used.

      MADI I/O
      The optical MADI I/O offers 64 input and out channels, and sample rates up to 192 kHz. It is fully supported in TotalMix FX, with the analog I/Os simultaneously available, resulting in 68 channels input and 68 channels output over USB 2.
      To address the increased power demand, RME has implemented a delayed start of the MADI transceiver on power-up, and an option to temporarily disable it when not needed. The MADIface Pro includes an external power supply with lockable connector.
    • RME MADIface Pro Specifications:

      4 x Analog Inputs (Mic, Line, Instrument)
      4 x Analog Outputs (2 x XLR, 2 x Phones)
      1 x MADI I/O
      1 x MIDI I/O plus MIDI over MADI
      1 x USB 2.0 (USB 3 compatible)
      Separate outputs for high and low impedance headphones

      Total Record/Playback channels:
      68 in / 68 out

      Power supply: USB bus power or external power supply
      Idle power consumption: 3.1 Watts MADI Off, 4.0 Watts MADI On
      Max. power consumption: 6.3 Watts
      Current at 5 V bus power operation: 620 mA (3.1 Watts)
      Current at 12 V external power: 266 mA (3.1 Watts)
      Dimensions (WxHxD): 108 x 35 x 181 mm (4.25" x 1.4" x 7.1")
      Weight: 680 g ( 1.5 lbs)
      Temperature range: +5° up to +50° Celsius (41° F up to 122°F)
      Relative humidity: < 75%, non condensing
    • RME MADIface Pro System Requirements:

      Windows Vista or up, Intel Mac OS X (10.6 or up)
      1 USB 2.0 port or USB 3 port
      Computer with at least Pentium Core 2 Duo CPU

      ** Please note, system requirements may change. For the most recent system requirements please visit the manufacturer's official product listing **

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