Roland Scooper Modular Scatter

Roland Eurorack Modular - Scooper. Scooper essentially is a single-pass loop recorder and Scatter effect with CV and Gate modulation control. Capture a loop, adjust pitch and filter and apply scatter effects. Two inputs and two outputs make SCOOPER a stereo-capable, 24bit/96kHz audio interface for Eurorack systems, and AIRA Link USB compatibility gives it single-cable, plug and play connectivity with the MX-1 Mix Performer. The Roland Scooper combines a single-pass loop recorder and Scatter effect with unprecedented control and flexibility through an array of CV/Gate inputs - use it as a tabletop unit or Eurorack module.

    • Roland Scooper PRODUCT FEATURES:

      Programmable Scatter Effect with CV/Gate and Eurorack Compatibility

      Not only for modular synth users, SCOOPER is perfect for keyboard players, guitarists, DJs or any adventurous musician looking to expand their sound. Carefully crafted in Japan, SCOOPER has large, ultra-smooth controls with over 16 million steps of resolution and is fully re-programmable via computer or tablet. 

      • Single-pass looper with dramatic Scatter effects
      • CV/Gate parameter control including Scatter depth/type, pitch, and filter
      • Tabletop unit or 21 HP Eurorack module using AC adaptor or Eurorack power
      • 24-bit knobs with over 16 million steps of resolution
      • Re-programmable via Mac, PC, iOS, Android application
      • 15 patchable submodules, expandable with free updates
      • 2 inputs and 2 outputs with dual-mono or stereo capability
      • AIRA Link compatible
      • 24bit/96kHz audio interface
      • Carefully crafted in Japan
      • Includes braided patch cables

      CV Input Level

      -10 – +10 V

      GATE Input Level

      +3 V

      Maximum Recording Time

      10 Sec


      REC/PLAY button
      GRF 1 knob (SCATTER DEPTH)
      GRF 2 knob (SCATTER TYPE)
      GRF 3 knob (PITCH)
      GRF 4 knob (FILTER)
      GRF 5 button (SYNC TRIG)
      GRF 6 button (SCATTER)
      VOLUME knob


      Center Indicator


      INPUT 1, 2 jacks: Miniature phone type
      REMOTE IN jack: Miniature phone type
      OUTPUT 1, 2 jacks: Miniature phone type
      GFR 1–6 jacks: Miniature phone type
      USB port: MicroB type (Audio/MIDI)
      DC IN jack

      Power Supply

      AC adaptor or Eurorack power

      Current draw

      950 mA (AC adaptor)
      450 mA (Eurorack power)


      AC adaptor
      Owner's Manual
      Eurorack installation screws

      Size and Weight


      106.6 mm
      4-1/4 inches


      128.4 mm
      5-1/16 inches


      58.3 mm
      2-5/16 inches


      320 g
      12 oz

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