Roland SPD-SX Percussion Sampling Pad


The Roland SPD-SX Percussion Sampling Pad provides expressive functionality for drummers with audio-capture, three multi-effects engines and an inspiring array of sounds.  The Roland SPD-SX is the perfect companion on stage with an acoustic or electric drum kit, DJ booth or for jamming in the studio.  Whether triggering one-shot samples or complete audio tracks, the responsive pads of the SPD-SX gives you the tools to get the job done with speed and precision.  Record your next percussion performance with the SPD-SX to add that human touch to your productions!


      - Unique sampling-pad concept - the only instrument of its kind in the world
      - 2 GB internal memory, enabling approximately 360 minutes of sampling (mono) without requiring external memory
      - Nine velocity-sensitive rubber pads, two external dual-trigger inputs
      - Easy capturing and assignment of audio data through Multi-Pad Sampling
      - Three units of multi-effects onboard, with two real-time control knobs and four dedicated effect buttons
      - Individual Pad Dynamics indicators show pad status and audio-level activity during performance
      - Expanded USB functionality (USB Mass Storage, USB MIDI/AUDIO, USB Memory)
      - Wave Manager software included for easily importing, assigning, and organizing samples
      - Large backlit LCD

      The Playing Field
      The SPD-SX is equipped with nine highly sensitive rubber pads with two independent real-time control knobs and four dedicated effect buttons. Roland's most advanced triggering technology ensures the ultimate in accuracy and fully dynamic performance, while a large backlit LCD provides easy-to-read data in all varieties of environments. Each pad has a companion LED that illuminates to show the pad's status. When you trigger sample phrases, the LEDs remain lit to show you which pads are in play and which are not. In addition, the LEDs change illumination strength according to audio-level activity (similar to level meters on a mixing board). The high-contrast red divider lines help you see the pad zones clearly onstage.

      Improved Playability and Functionality
      Today, increasing numbers of drummers and percussionists need to incorporate audio samples into their performance. The SPD-SX will satisfy their increasing requirements with essential features such as individual click output routing, dedicated volume controls, Pad Check function, individual Sub Out, and more.

      Onboard Effects
      The SPD-SX has three multi-effects units onboard: one master unit and two units that are assignable per kit. The master effects engine lets you perform in real time like a DJ using the dedicated front-panel controls. Get your hands on the filter, delay, short looper, and user-assignable effect - all of which can be creatively adjusted with the four front-panel buttons and two control knobs.

      Multi-Pad Sampling
      There's much more to the SPD-SX than meets the eye. A powerful-yet-friendly lineup of features has been built into this little powerhouse, such as Multi-Pad Sampling. While audio streams in from an external audio player or computer (via Audio In or USB), simply strike each pad at the appropriate start/end points, and the sample will be automatically truncated and assigned to that pad. It's a fast, friendly way to create multi-sampled phrases and pad maps.

      SPD-SX Wave Manager Software Included
      The SPD-SX's generous internal memory (2 GB) lets you store and carry your entire sample library inside. With no external memory required, you can house approximately 360 minutes of audio (10,000 files) at 16-bit, 44.1 kHz, mono. The built-in USB ports let you directly import audio files from USB flash memory. The bundled SPD-SX Wave Manager software app lets you import audio files directly from computer via USB, assign the samples to each pad, and organize the thousands of samples efficiently. 

      Built-in Pads: 9 (with LED Indicators)
      * Two external trigger inputs are provided, allowing you to connect up to four Pads.

      Maximum Polyphony
      20 voices
      * Maximum polyphony becomes 16 voices according as an operating state.

      Number of Recordable Wave Data
      * Including preload wave data.

      Sampling Time (Total time for all wave data)
      Approx. 180 min. in stereo (360 min. in mono)
      * Since the internal memory included with the SPD-SX contains preload data, the available sampling time will be less than the time above.

      Data Format
      16-bit linear PCM (WAV/AIFF)

      Sampling Frequency
      44.1 kHz


      Kit Chain
      8 chains (20 steps per chain)

      Master Effects (21 Types)

      Kit Effect 1 (20 Types)
      Kit Effect 2 (20 Types)

      Graphic LCD 128 x 64 dots

      PHONES jack (Stereo 1/4-inch phone type)
      MASTER OUT jacks (L/MONO, R) (1/4-inch phone type)
      SUB OUT jacks (L/MONO, R) (1/4-inch phone type)
      AUDIO IN jacks (L/MONO, R) (1/4-inch phone type) (with LINE-MIC GAIN control)
      TRIG IN jacks (1/2, 3/4) (1/4-inch TRS phone type)
      FOOT SW jack (1/2) (1/4-inch TRS phone type)
      MIDI connectors (IN, OUT)
      DC IN jack
      COMPUTER connector
      USB MEMORY connector

      Hi-Speed USB (USB-MIDI, USB-AUDIO, USB Mass Storage Class, USB Flash Drive)

      Power Supply
      DC 9 V (AC Adaptor)

      Current Draw
      600 mA

      CD-ROM (SPD-SX Wave Manager, USB driver, preload wave data)
      Owner's Manual
      AC Adaptor
      Options (sold separately)
      Pads (PD series, PDX series)
      Cymbals (CY series)
      Kick Triggers (KD series)
      Pad Stand (PDS-10)
      All-Purpose Clamp (APC-33)
      Acoustic Drum Trigger (RT-10K, RT-10S, RT-10T)
      Pedal Switch (DP-2)
      Footswitch (BOSS FS-5U, BOSS FS-6)
      Personal Drum Monitor (PM-10, PM-30)
      USB Flash Memory

      * Use USB Flash Memory sold by Roland. We cannot guarantee operation if other products are used.

      Size and Weight
      364 mm
      14-3/8 inches
      331 mm
      13-1/16 inches
      94 mm
      3-3/4 inches
      2.5 kg
      5 lbs. 9 oz.
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