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Roland System 500 Modular Synth (complete set)

The Roland System 500 Modular Synth is a complete set of the acclaimed System 500 modular Eurorack analog Synth modules house in the ROLAND SYR-E84 EURORACK case.  The Case contains: Roland 512 VCO, Roland 521 VCF, Roland 530 VCA, Roland 540, Roland 572 modules.

    • System 500 Modular Synth PRODUCT FEATURES:

      Complete analog modular synthesizer with multiple oscillators, filters and effects

      Vintage Roland analog sound in a top-quality modern instrument

      Perfect modular starting point complete with case, power supply, and braided patch cables

      Versatile wood and metal case is portable, stackable and can sit flat or angled

      512 module with two voltage controlled oscillators with saw, sine and square waves

      521 module with two voltage controlled filters with selectable high-pass filters

      530 module with two voltage controlled amplifiers each with multiple CV inputs

      540 module with two ADSR envelopes and invertible LFO with five waveform types

      572 module with classic phase shifter, delay, gate delay and invertible LFO

      Numerous CV connections for an array of modulation possibilities

      Built in USA and assembled in Japan

    • System 500 Modular Synth TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS:

      Set Configuration:

      SYS-512: SYSTEM-500 VCO

      SYS-521: SYSTEM-500 VCF

      SYS-530: SYSTEM-500 VCA

      SYS-540: SYSTEM-500 2ENV-LFO


      CV Input Level-10--+10 VPower SupplyAC Adaptor (DC12V)Current draw500mA (AC Adaptor)