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Samson MS300 - Studio Monitor Stands (PAIR)

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The Samson MS300 are height adjustable studio monitor stands, that feature 9.8 x 8.7 inch (25 x 22cm approx.) speaker platforms. The MS300 stands are sold as a pair, and each stand can hold up to 55lbs (25kg approx.) 

    • Samson MS300 PRODUCT FEATURES:

      Take A Stand... In The Studio.
      Samson's MS300 Studio Monitor Stands bring optimal placement and stability to your studio monitoring system. Sold as a pair, these professional-grade stands are ruggedly constructed and offer a classic black finish. Their large 9.8" x 8.7" platforms are compatible with most studio monitors that weigh up to 55 pounds, and are fully padded to provide maximum grip, cushioning and vibration reduction. In addition, the MS300s feature telescoping columns that are adjustable from 2.6'–3.6' in height with both locking pins and latches for exceptional vertical support. Lastly, the MS300s offer ultra-sturdy 15" x 11.5" bases complete with heavy-duty carpet spikes, ensuring the utmost stabilization of your studio monitors from the ground up.

      Professional-grade studio monitor stands (sold as a pair)
      Rugged construction with black finish
      Large 9.8" x 8.7" platforms comfortably fit most standard-sized studio monitors
      Fully padded platforms for maximum grip, cushioning and vibration reduction
      Telescoping columns adjust from 2.6'–3.6' in height
      Dual-mechanism (pin and latch) locking system for exceptional column support
      Ultra-sturdy 15" x 11.5" bases with carpet spikes for optimal stability
      55lb of handling capacity per stand
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