FHD-354USFb3 & WD1003FZEX

Sarotech Hardbox FHD-354USFB3 Enclosure + WD Black Caviar HD COMBO

The Sarotech Hardbox FW 800 USB3.0 eSATA (FHD-354USFb3) is a fanless enclosure with an Oxford Chip.  Why not bundle it with a reliable WD Black Caviar Drive?  We chose this combination of case and drive as they are the perfect match for audio recording and backup.  The Sarotech Hardbox has its own 220V auto-switching internal power supply. No wall wart needed here, simply plug in an IEC cable and you're ready to go!

    • Sarotech Hardbox FHD - 354 USFB3 PRODUCT FEATURES:

      When paired with the Western Digital Black Caviar drive you have the perfect, most reliable external drive system when it comes to audio recording and backup. With USB 3, Firewire 800 and eSATA all professional connects are covered. The drive speed is 7200 RPM and is proven to be the go choice with audio professionals.
    • Sarotech Hardbox FHD - 354 USFB3 TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS:


      USB 3.0 ( Max. 5 Gbps )

      FW800 ( Max. 800 Mbps ) x 2 ports

      eSATA ( Max. 3 Gbps )

      HDD Type      3.5” SATA I/II/III hard drives compatible

      Power 110/220V Auto Switch Internal Power Supply (AC Cord / No Adapter)

      Supported OS            Windows XP/Vista/7/8

      Mac OS X 10.4~10.8

      Dimension      200(W) x 159 (D) x 40 (H) mm

      Weight            720 g (without HDD)

      FAN     No

      HDD over 2TB
    • Sarotech Hardbox FHD - 354 USFB3 SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS:


      (Windows XP 64bit, Windows Vista/7/8 32bit/64bit Mac OS X 10.4~10.8)

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