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sE Electronics


sE Electronics X1 D Kick Drum and Percussion Condenser Microphone

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The sE X1 D from sE Electronics features a 1-inch titanium-sputtered capsule, ideal for capturing transients from high SPL sound sources. The sE X1 D is the only microphone in its class that features the expensive titanium-sputtered capsule. The sE X1 D is part of sE Electronics acclaimed X series of microphones, known for their extremely high sonic quality, craftsmanship and low price-point. The sE X1 D is an excellent choice for kick drums, percussion, Hip Hop vocals and piano. The sE X1 D is a large diaphragm cardioid condenser microphone with a 10dB pad and low frequency roll off controls. 


      The sE X1 D is a dedicated drum microphone, bringing the renowned quality of the X1 series to a microphone designed for use on drums and percussion. The first microphone in the X1 series made specifically for instruments, the X1 D features a hand-crafted titanium-sputtered capsule - technology borrowed from sE’s high-end T2 microphone.

      The sE X1 D is also well-suited to recording the hammer action of piano and bass, where the strings are often played with percussive techniques. The microphone offers a cardioid polar pattern with great off-axis rejection, which is essential when recording only one element of a drum kit without wanting the sound of other elements to bleed into the signal.

      On board the X1 D is a -10dB pad and a bass cut switch, which can help in situations where ultra-low frequency content might overwhelm the signal. The mic is constructed with integrated shock protection in the form of a built-in rubber capsule mount, which helps to isolate the capsule from knocks and vibrations.

      The X1 D is also fitted with an integrated rear-mounted stand adapter for quickly and easily attaching it to a microphone stand.


      Custom-designed and handcrafted, titanium-sputtered large diaphragm capsule

      Polar Pattern: 

      Frequency Response: 
      20Hz - 20kHz

      Dynamic Range: 
      140dB SPL

      -10dB Pad, 80Hz Bass Cut

      Power Requirement: 
      +48V Phantom Power

      Three-pin XLR

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