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SM Pro Audio JuiceRack 8: 8 Slot 500 Series Power Rack

The juice Rack 8 has great routing flexibility and a good solid power supply - that's really all you need from a 500 series frame. JuiceRack 8 is a 19” rack-mount power source designed to house up to eight 500-series modules in a vertical configuration. The rear panel sports eight slots of balanced XLR inputs and outputs along with eight slots of unbalanced 1/4” inputs and outputs. A 48V phantom power switch is located on the front of the rack for easy access. 

Last one - This unit is now rebadged DBX and sells for $1495

    • SM Pro Audio JuiceRack 8 PRODUCT FEATURES:

      Like the JuiceRack3, the JuiceRack8 boasts rugged, all-metal construction, is designed to be fully compatible with the 500-series format, and features the uniquely powerful and flexible onboard signal routing.

      The JuiceRack 8 power supply produces more current than any other 500 series power unit on the market today. So you can be confident that any brand of 500 series module will be powered correctly in your SM Pro Audio JuiceRack 8.

      The power output (in milliamps) for the JuiceRack 8 is as follows: JuiceRack 8 = 350mA per module slot

      The original API™ spec calls for an average of 130mA for each slot, but there are 500 series modules from many manufacturers that require more power than that average. SM Pro Audio ensures that you can easily power any 500 series module available today with our JuiceRack 8 power supply.


      • 110V -240V selectable voltage operation
      • Digitally-controlled audio signal routing with memory
      • Sturdy all-metal construction
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