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Product Code: SMPR_PASSIVE-1

SM Pro Audio M-Patch Passive-1 Monitor Controller

The new M-Patch Passive 1 monitor controller is a neat, cost effective device for controlling your speakers in the studio.  The M-PATCH PASSIVE-1 accommodates four input sources (3 x stereo analog and 1 x USB) and three stereo analog outputs plus USB. In addition to the core functionality of providing seamless A/B switching between input signals and output speaker monitor systems, the PASSIVE-1 delivers a full complement of audio monitoring functions, including precision volume control, mono summing, mute, and dim (ducking). 

    • SM Pro Audio M-Patch Passive-1 PRODUCT FEATURES: 

      A handy footswitch-activated talk-back function, complete with on-board condenser microphone and selectable routing, has also been integrated, making the PASSIVE-1 the ideal low-cost solution for a broad range of studio production applications.

      The PASSIVE-1 features entirely passive operation from signal input to output. Passive volume attenuation provides the purest signal path possible, giving you clean, transparent audio, with no added audio artifacts or coloration. The PASSIVE-1 accepts AC mains power to ONLY power the talkback function and the dual on-board headphone amplifiers.

      The PASSIVE-1 features on-board USB, allowing for direct digital audio recording and playback when used with a computer DAW. The USB output mirrors the signals appearing at the analog 2 Track outputs, while the computer's L/R output feeds the USB in.

      Housed in a sturdy metal chassis and fitted with a durable array of switches and secure connectors, the PASSIVE-1 is built to provide years of worry-free operation. 
    • SM Pro Audio M-Patch Passive-1 TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS:

      4 inputs
      4 outputs
      USB Input and Output
      2 headphone amps
      Footswitch-Controlled Talkback
      Built-in Talkback Mic
      Mono summing
      Dim switch
      A/B Speaker Switching
      Precision Rotary Attenuator
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