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Solid State Logic

Solid State Logic AWS916/924 & 948 Analog Mixing Console

Please contact me with information about availability and pricing for Solid State Logic AWS916/924 & 948 Analog Mixing Console

The SSL AWS (Analogue Workstation System) reinvents the professional production console by combining SSL classic SSL SuperAnalogue™ console technology with comprehensive DAW control hardware in a single work surface.  

Designed for mid-scale commercial recording and production facilities, the AWS is available with 16 inputs (AWS 916), 24 inputs (AWS 924) or 48 inputs (AWS 948) within a compact 24 fader frame. The AWS 916 has 16 mic pre's, the AWS 924 and 948 have 24 mic pre's. The AWS 916 & 924 have mono channel strips and the AWS has stereo/dual mono channel strips that offer a second line level input per channel to provide 48 summing channels. All models deliver pristine SuperAnalogue™ summing, 24 ultra-clean SSL SuperAnalogue mic pre's, classic SSL dual curve EQ on every channel, two assignable SSL Dynamics channels, legendary Stereo Buss Compressor, TotalRecall™ and full 5.1 monitoring. In addition to on board classic SSL Automation, both models also feature SSL's A-FADA system where motorised analogue faders follow DAW Automation data.


      • Combination of SuperAnalogue™ console and advanced DAW controller
      • SSL SuperAnalogue™ mix bus provides pristine audio foundations
      • SSL SuperAnalogue mic pre's provide transparent record path
      • Innovative Dual Path Channel with three versatile operating modes (948 only)
      • 48 inputs on AWS 948;
        • IN-LINE TRACKING = 1 mic + 1 line inputs per channel
        • IN-LINE MIX = 2 x mono line inputs per channel
        • STEREO MIX = 1 x stereo line input per channel
      • A-FADA Mode where motorised analogue faders follow DAW automation
      • AWSomation SSL motorised fader mix automation based on the heritage of G and K series Ultimation
      • Versatile 4 band channel EQ, assignable Dynamics and SSL Master Bus Compressor
      • 4-Band EQ design with independent E/G curve switching of HF/LF (Stereo on 948 only)
      • 5.1 Surround monitoring and Monitor calibration including Bass management
      • MIDI over Ethernet multi layer DAW workstation control
      • Digital Scribble Strips for console and DAW data
      • Elegant project setup via SSL Logictivity Remote Browser and SD card storage
      • SSL's unique trademarked TOTAL RECALL™ system with 'TR Autoscan'
      • Responsible 'green' manufacturing and reduced power consumption
      • Compact 24 fader frame ideal for small control rooms

      See AWS Owners Manual

      See AWS Owners Manual
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