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Solid State Logic


Solid State Logic Sigma Delta - Remote Controlled Analogue Summing Mixer

The Solid State Logic Sigma Delta stands unique in the SSL catalogue. It is a SuperAnalogue™ summing mixer with complete control of the analog signal path and automation; using a hardware control surface - OR directly from your DAW via the Delta-Control plug-in. Solid State Logic have continued with their small-format product line, aimed at bringing the SSL mixing experience to your project / home / small-format studio; which subsequently reduces the price-point significantly in comparison to their large-format consoles! The SSL Sigma Delta fits neatly into a 2-unit rack space.

    • Solid State Logic Sigma Delta PRODUCT FEATURES:

      Sigma δelta seamlessly brings the analogue joy of mixing on an SSL console into your DAW dominated workflow. Using MDAC technology unique to SSL, Sigma takes the SuperAnalogueTM mix buss from SSL's Duality and AWS consoles and delivers it in a 2U rack design, with complete remote control of the analogue signal path, using either a hardware control surface and/or a simple Remote Control Application, and/or directly from your DAW using the innovative SSL δelta-Control (δ-Ctrl) plug-in. Now anyone who can drive a DAW can mix on an SSL.

      Consistent feedback from the world's leading producers demonstrates that analogue summing still brings a record together in a special way that no emulation plug-in can match. Sigma δelta and SSL's no-compromise approach to designing audio circuits, delivers summing with an extended low-end frequency response, wide stereo imaging, clarity, depth and detail. When it comes to sonic tone and character many leading engineers state that a significant part of their 'sound' is the magic that happens when you drive the analogue mix buss of a console a little too hard...that delicate cohesive distortion only a pushed analogue mix buss brings their mixes. This is exactly the case with Sigma. It is at its best when pushed to that "sweet spot", to the point where it yields that extra sonic dimension which has always been part of the legendary SSL sound.

      Sigma δelta combines its true analogue tone and depth with complete integration into a DAW dominated workflow. In today's commercial environment, fast turnaround of productions, with multiple mix tweaks and revisions, engineers and producers depend upon instant recall of all their settings. Sigma meets this demand. As Sigma's levels are driven from your DAW, the mix recalls instantly upon session load. Furthermore, every setting on Sigma itself (mix buss routing, monitoring section and settings) can be saved and recalled at the click of a button.

      Sigma’s versatile dual mix buss, individual direct output and insert architecture also provides a streamlined means of applying analogue signal processing within your DAW workflow and simplifies printing processed material back to your DAW.

      Sigma δelta also features a dual output studio monitor and headphone switcher and talkback system which is completely remote controllable. Sigma is setup from a cross platform Remote App that offers full standalone control of Sigma δelta. Running on a Mac, PC, or IOS tablet the app also performs as a superb remote control for the monitor switcher/talkback.
      Sigma can also be controlled from any 16 fader MCU compatible control surface. MCU control can be used independently or in conjunction with the Remote app and D-Ctrl.

      The use of MCU control of Sigma facilitates direct control over the Sigma analogue mix path and monitor switcher from SSL’s Nucleus DAW controller or any other Ethernet equipped MCU enabled hardware control surface. Sigma’s MCU control requires no DAW software to be active, neither is there any requirement for the App to be open or even for a PC to be running. MCU control simply requires a 16 fader MCU compliant surface to be connected via a Network cable to the same DHCP server or router that Sigma is connected to.

      The Nucleus/Sigma fusion becomes a fully integrated 32 into 4 automated line mixer, with full monitoring and talkback capabilities. Sigma can also be used in combination with Duality, AWS and Matrix to add additional automated mixing capacity. Inserting Sigma δelta across the insert points of an XL desk, instantly adds automation to the console.

      Third party controllers with MCU emulation will also function but channel banking is not supported at this time so a single 8 fader controller can only access the first 8 channels. Writing automation from an MCU Control Surface connected to Sigma is not supported with Logic Pro.
    • Solid State Logic Sigma Delta TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS:

      Advanced δelta-Control automation driven SSL SuperAnalogue™ mix engine

      Works with all major DAW's including Pro Tools, Logic, Cubase/Nuendo, Ableton Live

      16 flexible channels individually switchable between stereo or mono for up to 32 channels at mixdown

      2 stereo mix busses with individual stereo insert points

      Independent Main and Alternate Monitor outputs

      Direct outputs on all channels

      Talkback facility with adjustable Dim level

      Intuitive cross platform Remote Control app

      Full ‘MCU’ Hardware Control Surface support

      High speed ‘Logictivity Control’ via single Ethernet cable
    • Solid State Logic Sigma Delta SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS:

      Software downloads for this product are delivered from within your ‘My SSL’ registered user profile.

      You will need to register if you want to access software updates.
      Once registered log in to your profile and navigate to the My Products tab.

      Once your product is registered it will appear in your product list and any available software downloads will appear adjacent to the product in the list. Hit the link and follow the instructions.

      ** Please note, system requirements may change. For the most recent system requirements please visit the manufacturer's official product listing **

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