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SPL GainStation 8 Mk2 8 Channel Class A + Tube Preamplifier

The SPL GainStation 8 mk2 is an 8-channel microphone preamp, that features a combination of both solid state and tube technology. There are two gain encoders that allow you access 63dB of solid state, and an additional 26dB of tube circuitry. Other key features include, switchable pre-output stage peak and FET mode limiting, microphone impedance matching, phase revers, phantom power, 50Hz high-pass filter EQ and LED metering.

    • SPL GainStation 8 Mk2 Features:

      Separated Solid state and tube preamps. The tube preamp can be used additionally to the solid state stage to add tube saturations, for clean recordings it can be switched off.
      Peak/FET Limiter
      Switchable Mic Input Impedance (200 Ohms, 1,2 & 10 kOhms)
      Custom-designed and built, fully discrete, class A op-amps (no off-the-shelf stuff here). The GainStation's op-amps feature 60-Volt operating voltage—twice as high as most common op-amps—for an incredible dynamic range.
      All switching functions are handled by encapsulated relays with gold-plated contacts.
      No-compromise, external power supply with extensive additional shielding and seven separately wound and regulated voltages
      Lundahl input transforner option, also for single channels or channel pairs
    • SPL GainStation 8 Mk2 Specifications:

      Frequency range
      1Hz-125kHz (Clean Gain 30dB, Tube Gain off, +/- 0.5 dB)
      1Hz-310kHz (Clean Gain 30dB, Tube Gain off, +/- 3 dB)
      1Hz-125kHz (Clean Gain 30dB, Tube Gain 1dB, +/- 3 dB)

      0,00038 % (Clean Gain 24 dB, Tube Gain aus, 20-22 kHz, +25 dBu output level)
      0,032% (Clean Gain 23dB, Tube Gain 1dB, 20-22kHz, +25dBu  output level)

      -99,6 dBu (Clean Gain 10dB, Tube Gain aus, 20-22 kHz, A-weighted)
      -94,6 dBu (Clean Gain 30dB, Tube Gain aus, 20-22 kHz, A-weighted)
      -68,4 dBu (Clean Gain 60dB, Tube Gain aus, 20-22 kHz, A-weighted)
      -86,5 dBu (Clean Gain 20dB, Tube Gain 10 dB, 20-22kHz, A-weighted)

      E.I.N: 128.4dB (Clean Gain 60dB, Tube Gain aus, 20-22kHz, A-weighted, 40 Ohm)
      Dynamik range (20-22kHz, A-weightedt): ›130dB
      CCMR: ›80 dB (Clean Gain 30dB, Tube Gain aus, 1kHz, Input -30dBu, without Lundahl transformer)
      Maximum output level: +34dBu
      Maximum output level (Mic Input, Hi-Z Input): +17dBu
      Input impedance (Instrument Input): ›1M ohms
      Output impedance: ›75 ohms
      Phantom power: 48 V +/-2 V
      Power consumption: 140W

      Dimensions & Weight:
      (W x H x D): 482 x 88 x 237mm; 19" x 3.46" x 9.33"
      Weight: 6,3kg; 13.9lbs
      External power supply:
      (W x H x D): 219 x 85 x 257 mm; 8.62" x 3.35" x 10.12"
      Weight incl. power cord: 6,8kg; 17.7lbs
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