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Studiologic VMK-88 Plus MIDI Controller Keyboard

The VMK-88 Plus offers all the essential hardware controls with a quality fully weighted action. FATAR technology (parent company of Studiologic) is found in keyboards from Nord, Kurzweil, Physis, Doepfer, & Native Instruments.  The VMK-88 Plus offers 3 basic preset settings for some of the most well known software applications on both MAC and PC platforms. So turn on the VMK and connect it to your computer, your sound module or synthesizer and you are ready to enter a whole new dimension in personal music experience.

    • Studiologic VMK-88 Plus PRODUCT FEATURES:

      VMK88plusThe VMK-88 Plus provides the full-size 88 key TP9PIANO keybed with weighted keys giving an authentic piano-like feeling. Due to being extremely compact in size, this unit is easy to transport and offers all of the professional features you would expect from a Studiologic product.

      Equipped with a vast amount of controllers, the VMK-88 Plus offers you total control over all the parameters that you can imagine: 8 knobs, 9 sliders, 8 buttons and 5 sequencer section buttons all of which are programmable. In addition, a data entry dial and pitchwheel give you further endless possibilities for personal expression.

      VMK88plus DisplayThe LCD Display is your control center monitor, here you can see all data entries in real-time. Whatever you edit or change can then be seen directly in the illuminated display, constantly providing complete information about all current parameters. Very simple to understand and with easy access to all features, the control center is the nerve hub for your production.

      In addition, there are many further features on the hardware side such as multiple pedal inputs and MIDI connectors for your existing instruments. All packed in a very stable but lightweight casing.


      • 88 keys - TP9PIANO keybed with weighted keys for a piano-like feel
      • Aftertouch
      • LCD Display
      • Data Entry Dial
      • Modulation Wheel
      • 3 Software Presets – Native Instrument B4 and PRO53 and Steinberg Cubase
      • 27 User Programmable Presets
      • 2 x 8 Programmable Knobs
      • 4 x 9 Programmable Sliders
      • 2 x 8 Programmable Buttons
      • 5 Programmable Sequencer Buttons Section
      • 4 Programmable Pedal Inputs
      • Midi connectors: Out, USB
      • Dimensions: in. 49.61 x 9.06 x 3.54 (cm. 126 x 23 x 9)
      • Weight: lb. 17 (kg. 7,7)

      Additional Package Contents

      • Power Adapter 9V – 1A
      • PS/100 Foot Pedal
      • CD Manual
    • Studiologic VMK-88 Plus SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS:

      ** Please note, system requirements may change. For the most recent system requirements please visit the manufacturer's official product listing **
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