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TC Electronic


TC Electronic Nova System

The TC Electronic Nova System provides six amazing sounding effect blocks that come straight from TC's flagship G-System, and an added all analog overdrive and distortion that's fully programmable - sweet!  Nova System is the all-in-one wonder that's arguably the best compact FX unit on the market today.

    • TC Electronic Nova System PRODUCT FEATURES:

      Complete Compact Creativity

      • Six effect blocks ported 1:1 from G-System
      • Nova Drive Technology - all-analog drive with preset control
      • Super simple - features pedal- or preset functionality

      Firm Foundation, Next Generation

      Nova System takes the industry standard G-System EQ, noise gate, modulation, pitch, delay and reverb blocks and adds a totally organic and musical drive section to deliver a compact package of pure tone.

      Far Beyond Driven

      Nova Drive technology is a great sounding, totally musical analog overdrive and distortion section - with the added benefits of digital control giving you ultra-precise tone shaping tools, preset storage/recall and sweet undiluted tone.

      It Swings Both Ways

      Whether you prefer to treat your effects as stompboxes or want to program presets you recall at the press of a switch, Nova System is right there with you at every step.

      Backstage Pass - All Access

      Nova System is all about control and getting the sounds you want - about pedal simplicity and great ease of use. If you know pedals you’ll feel right at home with nova system. And, the vast range of sounds and effects allows you to pick’n’choose what you need to rock. hard.

    • TC Electronic Nova System TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS:

      • 6 effect blocks taken straight from G-System:
        • Compression
        • EQ + Noise Gate
        • Modulation
        • Pitch
        • Delay
        • Reverb
      • 30 factory and 60 user presets
      • Two footswitch layouts: preset and pedal
      • Hi-Z and balanced input + balanced stereo outputs
      • Optional G-Switch for added control
Need more info on the TC Electronic Nova System? Click HERE for the manufacturer's website >>>