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Teenage Engineering


Teenage Engineering OP 1 Desktop Synthesizer

Please contact me with information about availability and pricing for Teenage Engineering OP 1 Desktop Synthesizer

It may look like a toy but the Teenage Engineering OP-1 certainly defies its appearance. This compact, mobile synth is solid. The sounds are amazing. You'll have so much fun...we did! The OP-1 comes with eight unique synthesizer engines and eight quick selection keys for instant access. Tweak your sounds in real time and record everything to tape. All sounds are made up from the Engine, ADSR envelope, a dedicated Effect and a selection of LFOs. All elements are fully exchangeable.

    • Teenage Engineering OP 1 PRODUCT FEATURES:

      Press the Drum key to enter Drum Sampler mode. Op-1 comes loaded with great kits, but if you feel that you want your own, just press the mic key to sample anything from the buil-in microphone or line in. And if that's not enough you just connect your OP-1 to your computer and drag and drop any .aif file straight to the OP-1.

      Track Tape
      Record everything on the built in 4-track tape. Match the tape speed to the sequencer clock for some really nice overdubbing with changing pitch. Change tapespeed while recording, or even record backwards in realtime. Switch to the 4 channel mixer and add som texture with the built in EQ and Drive.

      The final stage of your sound ends up in the Mixer. Here you set the Level and the Pan for all four individual tracks. Add addtional Master EQ and Master Effect to the tape. You may also add some extra Drive and Master Level/Balance. Punch in some parameter changes with the Tape Tricks keys Memo 1+2.
    • Teenage Engineering OP 1 TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS:

      Multiple Synthesizer Engines with exchangable Architecture.
      8 dedicated instant sound select keys
      Sound Engines

      Dr Wave - Raw 8-bit yupe sound engine
      FM - Easy to tweak FM synthesis engine
      Pulse - Square wave type engine
      String - Physical modeling with a twist
      Digital - Raw digital type of engine
      Phase - Phase distortion engine
      Cluster - Multiple Wave Cluster
      Feature additions of Engines will be available with software upgrades

      Sample Engines

      Dedicated instant Synth Sampler with 6 seconds sampling time for each slot.
      Dedicated instant Drum Sampler with 12 seconds sampling time for each slot.
      With automated layout feature.
      Instant sampling with built-in Microphone or Line in
      Classic ADSR type of envelope
      Dynamic Envelope for Drum sounds.
      Future additions of Envelopes will be available with software upgrades

      Multiple Effects with exchangable Architecture.
      Delay - Classic delay type
      Phone - Hacked phone effect
      Punch - Adds punch to your sound
      Grid - Grid based echo
      Spring - Spring reverb type
      Future additions of Effects will be available with software upgrades

      Tape Feature
      4 individual tracks with instant Solo
      Instant variable Tape Speed
      6 minutes recording time in Normal tape speed.
      Up to 24 minutes recording time in Low tape speed
      Loop function with movable region
      Tape tricks for Break Tape, Bits and Reverse.
      Memo 1 & 2 for instant memorizing Effects / EQ / Pan or Levels / Tape Speed
      Reverse Recording
      Classic Tape editing Features Lift / Split and Drop
      Lift tape recordings back into Sampler for endless sound design.

      Motion Sensor
      3 Axis Motion sensor (G-Force)
      Assignable to any synth, envelope, effect parameter or to pitch.