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Two Notes


Two Notes Le Bass Pedal - 2 Channels MIDI Tube Preamp


The Two Notes Le Bass Pedal is a dual channel preamp & amp simulator in a stomp box format. Le Bass is part of Two Notes Le Preamp series of pedals, that also features Le Crunch, Le Lead and Le Clean. Le Bass has excellent dynamic range, and the overall sound quality is warm and punchy, due to the vintage-style tube circuitry. Channel A is lower gain pre-amp stage, with a pre-EQ, whilst channel B is more gain and more powerful post EQ. The Le Bass is extremely versatile. Unbalanced input and output with a hardwired bypass. Plus balanced DI out, headphone out, THRU put, MIDI and analog speakersim. 

    • Two Notes Le Bass Pedal PRODUCT FEATURES:

      Le Bass
      With Le Bass, the ultra clean Channel A is perfect for today’s modern techniques with lightning fast response and a full spectrum of tone. Channel B tips its hat to the foundation of rock bass with solid punch and a sweet break up available when things get down and dirty.
      Cold Fusion lets you live in the limelight with the best of both worlds while Hot Fusion lets you take center stage with searing bass from a focused distortion to synth-like growls.

      Two channels plus Fusion mode
      The A and B channels are totally independent, each with their own voicing and eq section: Bass and Treble on A, Bass, Mid with Mid Sweep and Treble for B. On Channel A you will find a lower gain tube stage with a pre-gain EQ using a more vintage design approach, while Channel B offers more gain and a very powerful post-EQ (with mid sweep). The exclusive Fusion modes open new horizons.

      Cold Fusion
      In “Cold Fusion”, the two channels are in parallel, meaning you can blend the cleaner sound from A and your more distorted sound in B to gain clarity and articulation.
      Hot Fusion
      In “Hot Fusion”, A and B are cascaded, meaning A can be used as a boost for B with both A and B EQ’s available to shape the result.

      Switching & Multi-channel mode
      Each preamp features 2 channel footswitches, A and B. Simultaneously pressing A and B will activate the Fusion mode. Pressing A, B or A and B will also send a specific Midi Program Change command, that can be used to select a preset on your Midi multi effects and/or Torpedo C.A.B.. In addition, the preamplifier may respond to a Program Change sent from another Midi device al- lowing a seamless integration into any pedalboard switching system. Combining several Two notes preamps on your pedalboard makes things really interesting.
      Connected via Midi, each preamp will listen to the others. They can be configured in Multi-channel mode: pressing A on preamp 1 will by- pass preamp 2, like the channels of an amplifier. Alternately, when this mode is off: traditional on/off switching for all preamps, a preamp can be a boost/overdrive for the one that follows.

      Width x depth x height:
      124 x 189 x 50 (mm) – 4.88 x 7.44 x 1.97 (in)
      750g – 1.65 lb
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