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Two Notes


Two Notes Torpedo C.A.B. Speaker Cabinet Simulator

The Two Notes Torpedo C.A.B. is a high-end cabinet simulator in a stompbox format. It is not a loadbox, but it does include all the great features of the Torpedo Live, together with an input stage specifically tailored to accept pedal-level signals.

    • Two Notes Torpedo C.A.B. PRODUCT FEATURES:

      Most notably: the Torpedo C.A.B. is the very first stompbox-style Impulse-Response Loader

      2 assignable footswitches
      The Torpedo C.A.B. features 2 user-assignable footswitches. Assignable functions include Preset selection, Bypass, Mute, EQ On/Off and more… Musicians equipped with MIDI rigs will be able to remote-control the Torpedo C.A.B. via MIDI.

      We know you love those little effects stompboxes and we definitely want you to use them with our Torpedo C.A.B. Place it at the end of your effect chain and all need to carry your amp will be gone. Plug it into the PA and you will be ready to go with a great sound.

      “The capabilities of this box are quite impressive, as is the level of sonic control that is afforded the user. (…) Best of all, this thing really – and I do mean really – sounds like a miked-up speaker cabinet.” (Phil O’Keefe, for

      “With its headphone output and ability to sound stellar at low volumes, the Torpedo C.A.B. is super practical for practice and recording purposes. It’s also suitable for gigging, and it’s certainly a more portable, affordable alternative to hauling around a backup amp, which I’ve been doing religiously ever since my main amp broke down on a big New Year’s Eve show. Not anymore. I’m bringing the Torpedo C.A.B. to every gig..” 


      Key features

      • Input stage specifically designed to accept pedal-level signals
      • Speaker & miking simulation powered by Torpedo technology (32 cabinet slots, and easy access to the whole Two Notes library for testing and buying more cabinets)
      • 96 kHz / 32-bit float signal processing
      • 3rd-party IR compatible (512 available slots)
      • Included 5-band EQ with guitar and bass modes
      • I/Os: Switchable Guitar/Line In, switchable Amp/Line out, Headphones, USB remote control

      Torpedo technology

      Many parameters influence the sound of your guitar or bass rig when it comes to recording. Carefully selecting your cabinet and miking options will dramatically improve the sound of your takes. The Torpedo simulation reproduces the tiniest variations of a cabinet’s behavior such as frequency response and distortion (*). Move the microphone in the virtual studio room thanks to the Torpedo IR synthesis, control the phase with the Variphi (*) — all the settings you need to achieve great recordings are here.

      (*) VB-101, VM-202 and PI-101 only

      High-quality electronic design

      The best simulation is nothing without a perfectly designed analog and digital circuit. Two Notes focuses on the whole signal chain, from your amp or preamp output to the PA, monitor, headphones, or recorder to guarantee the best performance. Guitar and bass players deserve studio-quality gear!

      Power amp emulation

      Connect your preamp or stompbox to your Torpedo Live, C.A.B., or WoS plug-in. They embed our component-based tube power amp simulation. Simply choose the amp design and characteristics, and select the tube type.


      Width x depth x height: 7 x 5 x 2.2 (in.) / 178 x 128 x 56 (mm)


      1.7 lbs (750 g)

Need more info on the Two Notes Torpedo C.A.B.? Click HERE for the manufacturer's website >>>