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Universal Audio


Universal Audio 2-610 Dual Channel Tube Preamplifier

Get 2 channels of classic valve UA 610 preamps in one unit. The Universal Audio 2-610 is based on the legendary Universal Audio 610 modular console designed by Bill Putnam.  Early Universal Audio consoles were used in all of Putnam's studios including Universal Recording in Chicago and United/Western in Los Angeles. 

    • Universal Audio 2-610 PRODUCT FEATURES:

      Many prominent engineers such as Bruce Swedien began their careers in these studios with this classic rotary knob console. The 610 was particularly well noted for its preamplifier, and has left its mark on countless classic recordings from Frank Sinatra to Van Halen, to the seminal Brian Wilson recording, Pet Sounds.

      * Classic Sound of the Legendary 610 Modular Console
      * Variable Gain and Output Levels, Multiple Impendence Settings
      * Mic, balanced line and Hi-Z inputs
      * High and Low shelving EQ
      * Updated “silverface” cosmetics & enhanced build quality
      * Improved EQ circuit and more “open” sonics as requested by users
      * New switchable -15dB pad as requested by users
      * Ultra quiet operation
      * Custom wound double sized alloy transformers.
    • Universal Audio 2-610 TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS:

      Microphone Input Impedance
      Selectable, 500Ω or 2kΩ
      Balanced Line Input Impedance
      13.8 kΩ
      Hi-Z Input Impedance
      Selectable between 2.2 MΩ or 47 kΩ
      Maximum Microphone Input Level
      Maximum Output Level
      Internal Output Impedance
      60 ohms
      Recommended Minimum Load
      600 ohms
      Frequency Response
      20Hz to 20kHz ±1 dB
      Max Gain
      61 dB
      Signal to Noise Ratio
      Greater than 82 dB
      Tube Complement
      (1) 12AX7A and (1) 12AT7 per channel
      Power Requirements
      115/230 volts
      Power Consumption
      30 watts
      12.25 lbs.
      19"W x 3.5"H x 12.25"D
      (19" Rackmount chassis, 2U)
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