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Universal Audio UAD-2 Duo Core PCIe

Gain access to an array of classic studio gear, with the convenience of a plug in and without the heavy price tag.  The UAD-2 Duo is the ultimate sonic upgrade for your DAW bringing UA's revolutionary combination of DSP hardware and highly-prized software plug-ins within the reach of project and pro studios alike.

    • Universal Audio UAD-2 Duo Core PCIe PRODUCT FEATURES:

      For users new to UAD, the UAD-2 Duo offers project studios, DJ's and DAW users the lowest-priced entry point to the UAD-2 Duo family and includes UA's 7 “Mix Essentials II” (a $300+ value) featuring studio staples like the UA 1176SE Compressor/Limiter, Pultec EQP-1A Program Equalizer, RealVerb Pro Room Modeler, and CS-1 Channel Strip that are an invaluable introduction to the UA Collection of plug-ins.

      UAD-2 Duo is also the perfect solution for existing UAD-1 owners crossgrading to UAD-2 to add more raw power to your system at the lowest cost. For existing users, your UAD-1 plug-in investment can be easily transferred to UAD-2. For a limited time, our loyal UAD customers can upgrade their plug-ins completely free of charge! Additionally registered UAD-1 owners will be rewarded with bonus UAD$ vouchers for buying any UAD-2 before the end of 2008. See the UAD-2 upgrade promo page for more details.

      • 5X the DSP power of UAD-1
      • Includes UA Mix Essentials II and UAD$50 Voucher
      • VST and AU support, cross-platform Mac OS X Tiger/Leopard, Windows XP/Vista
      • LiveTrack™ Low-latency live monitoring/tracking mode
      • Use up to 4 UAD-2 and 4 UAD-1 cards in one system
      • High-bandwidth PCI Express x1 DSP accelerator card
    • Universal Audio UAD-2 Duo Core PCIe TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS:

      High-bandwidth x1 PCI Express (PCIe) card (can be used in x1/x4/x8 and x16 slots, PCIe 2.0 compatible)
      • Form Factor:
      • UAD-2 Solo Low-Profile, Half-Height, Short PCIe card designed to fit modern small form factor systems
      • UAD-2 Duo/Quad Full-Height, Short PCIe card for easy installation even in compact PC cases
      • 1, 2 or 4 Analog Devices SHARC 21369 floating-point processors
      2.5X(Solo), 5X(Duo), 10X(Quad) the power of UAD-1*
      • *UAD-2 individual plug-in instances per DSP chip will vary based on the plug-in combination selected with the average session being around 2.5x
      • World's best plug-in library with premier titles from Neve®, Roland®, Moog®, SPL®, Pultec, and more...
      • Multi-card support for up to 8 cards - mix and match up to 4 UAD-2's and 4 UAD-1/1e/Xpanders in one system/group
      • Cross-Platform for Mac OS X Tiger(10.4), Leopard(10.5) and Windows XP/x64, Vista32/64
      • VST and AU Support
      NOTE: RTAS is NOT supported in Version 5.0 software. RTAS support will be available in a future software update
      • 44.1, 48, 88.2, 96, 176.4, 192kHz sample rate support
      • Cutting edge drivers - optimized for modern multi-thread and multi-processor architectures
      • Real-time and faster than real-time processing for mix bounces (unlike some other DSP solutions)
      • High-speed memory bus for running reverb/delay type effects (unlike some other DSP solutions)
      • LiveTrack™ (Low-Latency Mode) allows UAD-2 plug-ins to behave just like host plug-ins with no additional latency added* - now you can use UAD-2 plug-ins for monitoring, tracking and instrument processing
      • Only works on select hosts. See the compatibility page for more details.
      • SessionMap™ bi-directional UAD-1<>UAD-2 session compatibility* (via ID sharing) and in session multi-card DSP management - use your UAD-1 alongside your UAD-2, or work with other collaborators using UAD
      • *Session recall is limited to availability of plug-in authorizations and available hardware
      • *Nigel has been discontinued for UAD-2
      • *As of v5.0 the following Powered Plug-Ins are not yet available for UAD-2
      • Roland RE-201
      • Precision Maximizer
      • Precision De-Esser
      • Precision Buss Compressor
      • Precision Enhancer kHz
      • SPL Transient Designer
      • VCA VU
      • These Powered Plug-Ins are currently being ported to UAD-2, and will be released very soon in a software update. If you already own any of these plug-ins on UAD-1, you can still upgrade your UAD-1 plug-in licenses to UAD-2. Just download the latest version software when it becomes available and update your Authorization File.
      • L.O.D.E.™ (Live Optimizing DSP Engine) the UAD-2's DSP engine automatically balances resources to maximize your plug-in instantiations
      • LoadLock™ reserves maximum DSP for guaranteed Plug-In loading
      • Redesigned Plug-In Toolbar and Meter & Control Panel application featuring...
      • UAD-2/UAD-1 resource metering
      • Improved preset management, with easy cut/copy/paste between SE and full versions
      • Demo management, and plug-in purchase direct from the plug-in toolbar
      • Simplified Registration/Authorization process - no more copying of card ID's or serials
      • Help and support tab to get you up and running and to keep you going
      • Featuring UAi™ UA's unique modeling technology that captures the real magic of analog
      14-day full function Demo for all plug-ins so you can try before you buy
      • Powered Plug-Ins™ available 24/7 @
      • Easy license transfer for existing UAD-1/1e/Xpander users
      • Great launch upgrade promotions for all existing UAD-1/1e/Xpander users
      • Designed and Made in U.S.A.
    • Universal Audio UAD-2 Duo Core PCIe SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS:

      Minimum System Requirements

      •Microsoft Windows XP (Home, Professional, or x64 Edition), Windows Server 2003, or Windows Vista (x86 or x64)

      •Mac OS X 10.4.x “Tiger” or 10.5.x “Leopard” 
      •Processor upgrade cards are not officially supported

      •1 available PCIe (PCI Express) x1/x4/x8 or x16 slot 
      •256 MB RAM (512 MB is strongly recommended) 
      •1024 x 768 or higher resolution monitor 
      •CD-ROM drive or internet connection for software installation
      •125 MB available hard drive space for UAD-2 or UAD-1 installation 
      •250 MB available hard drive space for combined UAD-2 plus UAD-1 installation 
      •Internet connection required for registration and plug-in authorization 
      •Compatible VST or Audio Units plug-in host application software. See compatibility page for more details.

      Multi-Card (Add More DSP!) 
      Need more raw DSP horsepower to run more UAD plugs in your mixes or simply want to run all your sessions at higher sample rates? The UAD was designed as a multi-card system allowing up to 4 UAD-2 cards and 4 UAD-1 cards to run on an OSX Mac/Win XP/Vista computer/expansion chassis system. Your existing plug-in licenses can be used across cards after registering a new card to your account and downloading the new plug authorization file. 

      • Easily expand your DSP power with extra cards (up to 4 UAD-1/1e/Xpander, and 4 UAD-2 Cards per system)
      • L.O.D.E. (Live Optimizing DSP Engine) the UAD-2's DSP engine automatically balances resources to maximize your plug-in instantiations
      • Plug-In Licenses Valid for up to 4 UAD-2 and 4 UAD-1 cards in a system ( no need to re-purchase)
      • Use any combination of cards (PCI or PCIe)
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