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V3 Sound


V3 Sound GRAND PIANO XXL Midi Sound Module

Please contact me with information about availability and pricing for V3 Sound GRAND PIANO XXL Midi Sound Module

The GRAND PIANO XXL is the latest in piano modelling technology with 4 GB flash memory, bringing you the sounds of the best concert grands and legendary vintage keyboards, include 600 combination and orchestra sounds. For you, it’s still plug and play!

Do you need amazing piano sounds for live concerts, your home studio, playing at home or on the road? The GRAND PIANO XXL can do that and more, delivering a huge range of sounds you need for live performance in any musical style: E-pianos, organs, synthesisers, winds, accordions, orchestra and so many other instruments. All this in a device smaller than your mouse pad.

How do you get the sounds?

All V3 sound modules are standard MIDI expanders. The housing has two pots: master volume and master reverb. Use MIDI to call up sounds and to make all other adjustments. If your MIDI instrument doesn’t have these functions available, you need a MIDI controller or an App.