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Vienna Symphonic Library (VSL)

Vienna Symphonic Library VSL - VIENNA SOLO VOICES

Recording the human voice as the oldest and most expressive musical instrument ever is a special challenge and to make it “playable” as an intuitive virtual instrument requires even higher demands. That’s why only the best singers with a special focus on a homogenous timbre over the full register have been selected, featuring four female voices (coloratura soprano, soprano, mezzo soprano, alto) and three male voices (tenor, baritone, bass).


      Countless hours were spent performing with utmost perfection regarding tone, intonation and consistency. Every recorded note is a testament to the professionalism of these outstanding artists. For the first time this collection allows for an accurate and authentic realization of polyphonic vocal repertoire – both as an a cappella performance or in various other instrumental combinations.

      The recordings include staccatos, sustains and Legato Performances of the vowels “A” (aah) and “U” (ooh) in four dynamic levels as well as various staccato repetitions (of the syllables “ta”, “pa”, “ra”, “sa”, and “tu”, “pu”, “ru”, “su”), sforzatos, crescendos, diminuendos, trills and glissandos.

      Includes 4 female and 3 male solo voices:
      Coloratura Soprano • Soprano • 
Mezzo Soprano • Alto • Tenor • Baritone • Bass

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