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For over 60 years Moog has been designing and manufacturing cutting edge electronic music instruments and effects. Moog instruments connect your creativity and imagination with some of the most unique and recognizable sounds on the planet. Let Moog synthesis take your music to another dimension! 

Moog Music Inc. is the second company to be founded under the infamous Moog name. Originally established in 1953 by electronic music pioneer and inventor of the Moog Synthesizer - Robert A Moog.  Moog Music Inc. continues this legacy by manufacturing boutique hardware synthesizers and other electronic musical instruments including the hugely popular Theremin.

The company has also successfully redeveloped the Moog Synthesizer for today’s market, with products such as the Voyager XL, MiniMoog and Sub37. More recently, Moog has entered into new territory with Eurorack and 500 series formats.  The company has even ventured into guitar technology with an impressive range of stomp-box FX pedals and the innovative new Moog Guitar.

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