KORG is a company that designs and manufactures Synthesizers, Keyboard Workstations, Digital Pianos, Electronic Drums & Percussion and Guitar products.
It was originally founded in Japan by Tsutomu Katoh and Tadashi Osanai in 1963, who started a company called Keio Electronic Laboratories. Based in Tokyo, their first product was somewhat of a drum-machine called the Disc Rotary Electric Auto Rhythm machine (DA-20).

Korg have always strived to stay at the forefront of innovation. They were the first company to implement FX on a synthesizer, and the first to utilize samples & synthesis into their designs.  This innovative approach can be seen in their current keyboard workstation / synthesiser the KRONOS.

In its third generation, The KRONOS 2 is still unrivalled as a professional keyboard workstation. Available in 61, 73 and 88 note models, the KRONOS 2 runs off an internal Intel-based computing system with a touchscreen display / user interface. It is a collection of multiple sound engines that encapsulate KORG’s entire synthesis catalogue. The Kronos also uses sample based patches that run off its SSD drives. The Kronos is also a sequencer, sampler with full-editing functions and support for multiple formats. Other key features include the FX section and KARMA based arpeggiator.  

KORG is now a multinational company, with offices in Japan, Hong Kong, Italy Vietnam the U.K and USA. They are still regarded as one of the key innovators in music technology today. More recent developments include products such as the DS-DAC - a high-end 1BIT digital-to-analog convertor.