What's the best sounding desktop Audio Interface?

by James Reid July 20, 2017

Which path to choose

If you're looking for a new desktop audio interface and have around $1000 to spend, chances are you've come across a number of potential contenders from brands such as Apogee, RME, Universal Audio, Audient, Focusrite  and Arturia...
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Roland announce the SE-02 in conjunction with Studio Electronics!

by Ian Jones June 22, 2017

The Roland SE-02 Boutique Analog Synthesizer is a  collaborative effort from Roland and Studio Electronics, and the debut product of the new Roland Boutique Designer Series.

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Genelec announce new 3-Way Coaxial Monitors 'The Ones'

by James Reid May 23, 2017

Genelec the ones studio monitors

Genelec recently announced 'The Ones' ( 8331 and 8341)  3-Way Coaxial Monitors! Touted as the 'ultimate point source monitors' and a  representation of  15 years of Genelec research and development.

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SSL δelta-control brings classic SSL analogue console automation features to your DAW

by Filip Saelen May 16, 2017

Solid State Logic has announced the release of δelta-control software for all Matrix 2 and Matrix consoles. δelta-control is a collection of DAW plug-ins that allow analogue console automation to be recorded, edited and replayed via the DAW. 

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Propellerhead Announces Reason 9.5 and VST Support.

by James Collins May 01, 2017

Propellerhead Reason 9.5 Promo
Version 9.5 marks the first version of Reason that supports VST instruments. It's also free upgrade from Reason 9.
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Novation surprise us with Peak: an Eight-Voice Analog Polyphonic Synthesizer!

by James Reid April 21, 2017

Novation Peak Eight-Voice Polyphonic Synthesizer

Novation has just surprised us with a cheeky announcement - a new hybrid eight-voice polyphonic analog/digital synth called Peak!

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R.I.P Ikutaro Kakehashi

by James Collins April 03, 2017

Ikutaro Kakehashi

Roland Corporation fonder Ikutaro Kakehashi, dies aged 87.

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The AKAI MPC Story from the MPC60 to the new MPCX!

by Paul Newcomb March 23, 2017


In 1988 Electronic drum machine pioneer Roger Linn teamed up with Japanese electronic musical instrument company Akai to produce one of the all time game changing pieces of midi sampling and sequencing hardware called the Akai MPC – then short for Midi Production Centre.

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Audeze Headphones Review in Detail

by Paul Newcomb March 16, 2017

Audeze Headphone review

Newcomer to the popular world of headphones is Audeze, but they aren't going after the steak and eggs brands that you see everyday. They are appealing to the higher end of the market and with some fairly steep prices, we find out if they hit the mark. Read more here!

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Power conditioners - Do we really need one?

by James Collins February 07, 2017


A power conditioner is not going to be the most exciting purchase however it just could be your best. Here are some reasons why it might be a good idea!

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NAMM 2017: Slate VRS-8 Audio Interface and ML-2 Microphone

by James Collins February 07, 2017

  Slate Digital VRS-8

Slate Digital have announced a brand-new audio-interface and modeling microphone, that could be an absolute game changer for small and project studios. The VRS-8 is a high-quality audio-interface, that can be bundled with their new ML-2 modeling microphone, and a 1-year free subscription to the Slate Digital "Everything" software bundle.
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NAMM 2017: Aston Microphones Starlight - Pencil Microphone

by James Collins February 07, 2017

Aston Microphones Starlight Stereo Pair
Aston Microphones have unleashed a brand-new microphone into their steadily growing product range. The Starlight is a small diaphragm pencil microphone with a couple of very handy features, and a re-branding of technology not seen in the microphone world for some time.
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