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RODE Microphones

Happy Holidays from Rode

Rode Microphones have been producing high quality, great value microphones ever since the very first versions of the now legendary Rode NT1 and NT2 mics released back in the early 1990's. I remember the then rep bringing around this low cost microphone to the store I worked in and everyone was blown away at how good it sounded. Rode built it's reputation on great value condenser microphones for the recording studio. They have fine tuned these microphones over the years and the current NT1 is beautiful example of great design and sound quality. Rode have also branched out in the 2000's into the Video microphone market and have taken the world by storm with the release of their NTG1 and NTG2 shotgun microphones. These mics gave Sennheiser shotguns (the then industry standard) a run for their money. 
Rode have built on this market and now have a great range of Video microphones and accessaries to suit almost every situation. 
The latest endeavour from Rode is the new Active Ribbon mic - the NTR. Unlike the typical dark sounding ribbon microphones we see a lot, the Rode NTR features an brighter, and cleaner open top end making it a really nice option for recording vocals and acoustic guitars.
Sounds Easy is proud to now be selling Rode microphones. Shipping on all our Rode microphones is Free Australia wide. Warranty is 10 years. Yes 10 years. This is how much Rode back their microphones and value their customers.  

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