PreSonus are an American company founded in Louisiana in 1995 by electrical engineers and musicians Jim Odom and Brian Smith. They specialise in studio outboard equipment, audio interfaces, digital mixing consoles, and more recently DAW software & loudspeakers. The PreSonus company mantra is to design and manufacture high quality professional audio equipment, at affordable prices. 

From humble beginnings and working out of Odom’s garage, the first PreSonus product was the DCP8. The DCP8 was an 8-channel dynamics processor that resulted in a patented design for digital control over analog circuitry. Key features were the ability to save and automate settings. At the time, these types of features were only possible on expensive and elite studio consoles.

Other defining products from PreSonus include the DigiMax 8-channel preamp with ADAT out (the first of its kind), the Central Station console style monitor controller and high-end channel strips the ADL 600 and 700. From here, PreSonus has branched out into firewire and USB audio interfaces, StudioLive digital console/audio-interface/DAW controllers, studio monitors and PA loudspeakers.

PreSonus have always been a company striving to manufacture innovative products, offering something different or an alternative workflow method when compared with similar existing products. A prime example of this, would be developing a new DAW software program. PreSonus teamed up with, and eventually acquired Kristallabs Software Ltd, and together they released PreSonus Studio ONE. Studio ONE is a full featured professional 64 bit DAW for Mac & Windows, that integrates with SoundCloud and Nimbit. v2 was released in 2011, and PreSonus now have dedicated notation editors too - Notion and Progression.      

In 2013 PreSonus started designing studio monitors and loudspeakers. Their Eris and Sceptre's cover the studio line, whilst they also developed the StudioLive-AI PA loudspeakers for live use. PreSonus continue to manufacture audio interfaces and audio hardware too, and they now have a high end USB 3.0 rack-mount interface - Studio 192, along with more compact devices designed to be used with Apple iPads.