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Thunderbolt Audio Interfaces

Thunderbolt was developed by Intel in 2011, and since then Thunderbolt audio-interfaces have become commonly available to compatible Mac computers. However, Thunderbolt can be found in PC's, and there is a growing range of interfaces with Thunderbolt drivers for Windows too. These include the MOTU 1248 and RME UFX + interfaces. Thunderbolt, is essentially PCIe technology that transmits via mini display port (MDP) or USB-C connectors. Thunderbolt is the fastest available protocol to transfer data. This makes Thunderbolt interfaces ideal for high track counts, and processor heavy DSP. Audio interfaces that have really taken advantage of Thunderbolt, include the Universal Audio Blackface Apollo’s that include UAD-2 DSP chips, AVID HD and HDX systems, and the Apogee Symphony mkII TB.