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  • 69/APC64

    AKAI Pro APC64 Ableton Live Controller

    6 In Stock

    Introducing APC64

    APC64isthepowerfulnext-generationAbletonLivecontrollerthatdeliversnewlevelsofcontroland performance. Featuring64RGBvelocity-sensitivepadswithpoly-aftertouch, eightfullyassignabletouch strips,arevolutionaryinternalstepsequencer,andmore, APC64isthefutureofAbletonLivehardware control.

    In-depth control of Ableton Live

    APC64enables in-depth controlofAbletonLivefor music creation andliveperformance.The8x8pad matrix features 64 velocity-sensitive RGB pads for launching clips (and much more) in the darkest studios and under the brightest stage lights.Add expression to your performances with 8 fully assignable Touch Strip controllers.

    Placevibrato,modulation,filtercutoffandotherparametersatyourfingertips;Adjustvolumeoreffects sendstocontrolyourmixwithoutmissingabeat,andalwayskeeptrackwithAPC’scolorscreendisplaying information about what you are controlling and where your levels are.

    Powerful production and performance features

    APC64isapowerfulcomposingtool.WriteuniquemelodiesandchordprogressionswithNotesand Chordsmodesthatturnthe8x8padmatrixintoanexpressivemusicalpalette.Whenyouneedhelpfinding inspiration,experimentwithProbabilityorMutatefeaturestotakeyourmusi inunexpecteddirections,

    Effortlessly navigate Ableton Live

    BringoutthebestofAbletonLivewithhardwareworkflowsdesignedforseamlessDAWcontrol.Inaddition toscenelaunchbuttons,APC64featurestransportcontrolswithdedicatedPlay,Stop,andRecordbuttons. Arm tracks,dial-in volume,adjust sends,or spread your sound with panning controls.

    CallupAbletonLive’sfunctionswithsecondarycontrolsofthebacklitmodebuttonsthathelpyousave timebutmoreimportantly,stayinspiredandproductive.DivedeeperintoLive’sdeviceswithhands-on control of instruments,effects,processors and more.

    Standalone sequencer and external hardware control

    Creativemomentscanoftenbefoundawayfromyourcomputer;APC64isreadytocontrolyourMIDI/CV hardwareforstandalone,DAW-lessfunctionality.PowerAPC64overUSBandconnectyourfavoritesynths, Eurorack modules,keyboards,drum machines,and more.

    APC 64 has 8x CV/ Gate outputs as well as 1 MIDI in 2 MIDI out ports (via miniTRS jacks).The standalone StepSequencerenablesupto8trackswith32stepsand16notepolyphonyoneachtrack;withcontinuous controlavailableviathe8touchstrips.CustomizeyourownlayoutwiththeincludedAPCProjectEditor Software to personalize and store presets for quick recall later.

    Suite of Plug-in Instruments and Effects

    APC64comeswithacollectionofAirinstrumentsandSonivoxVST/AUplug-ins;includingclassic keyboardsandsynths,aswellasreverb,vocalprocessingandvintageeffectstoaddtoyourDAW’s standard plug-ins.

    ThiscomprisesAirInstrumentsTubesynth,Electric,Ether,VocalTuner;Half SpeedandFlavor;andSonivox

    Essential Keyboard Collection

    Also included - 1GB of Loops and drum samples from Sampletools by CR2 Records.

    Comes with Ableton Live Lite

    AbletonLiveistheleadingDAWforcomposing,livelooping,andperforming.Basedontwomodesof working:SessionViewandArrangeView,Liveenablesimprovisationandmoredeliberatearrangement wrapped up in a workflow that seamlessly weaves the two modes together.

    AbletonLiveispackedwithinstrumentsforeverystyleandgenrewithroomforexpansionwithacountless numberofpacks,instruments,andsounds.DrumRackisapowerfultoolforyoursamples.Navigate DrumRackseamlesslywithcontrolofindividualpads,quadrants,andmore.Sampleandedityourown

    sounds easily to create your own custom kits.

    then instantly capture the results with the internal 8 track, 32 Step Sequencer.

    Key Features

    In depth control of Ableton Live

    • 64 velocity-sensitive pads with poly aftertouch for launching clips, playing notes, creating beats, and sequencing patterns
    • 8 fully assignable touch strips enable hands-on control of devices, expression, the mixer and more
    • Color display with encoder dial for real-time visual feedback

    Powerful production and performance features

    • Play notes, chords, trigger drum racks as well as controlling Live’s session view
    • Step sequencer mode for creating melody and drum patterns in Live
    • Send to Clip integration for transferring MIDI to Ableton Clip Matrix
    • Probability, velocity and mutate functions enable creative experimentation
    • Apply per-track swing to your beats, along with length and time division settings

    Effortlessly navigate Ableton Live

    • Backlit mode buttons enable quick access to Live’s functions
    • Dedicated transport control with Play, Stop and Record buttons
    • Full color display instantly feeds back session information

    Standalone sequencer and external hardware control

    • Unplug your computer and connect synths and drum machines to 3x 1/8” MIDI ports
    • Take control of your modular rig with 8 separate CV/gate outputs
    • Program the step sequencer or trigger events with the pads, and send continuous control data with theTouch Strips
    • APC64comeswithasoftwareapplicationforeditingparametersandsavingpresetsinstandalone, including a custom mode wherein RGB colors can be freely assigned

    Ships with Ableton Live Lite and a collection of plug-ins

    • Includes Ableton Live Lite which works seamlessly with APC64 right out of the box
    • Live Lite includes sounds, instruments and sequencing, recording and arranging capabilities
    • Suite of plug-ins from Air Instruments and Sonivox: including classic keyboards, synths, reverbs, vocal

    processors and vintage effects

    • Comes with an additional 1GB of Loops and drum samples from Sampletools by CR2 Records

    All information subject to change                                                 akaipro.com

    APC64 is pre-mapped in Ableton 11.x* and above.

    Technical Specifications


    • Graphical full color LCD


    • USB-C®
    • 8 1/8” (3.5 mm) CV/Gate
    • 2 1/8” (3.5 mm) MIDI Output
    • 1 1/8” (3.5 mm) MIDI Input

    Dimensions (width x depth x height)

    • 10.7” x 14.6” x 1.4”
    • 272 x 371 x 34.5 mm


    • 3.5 lb/1.6 kg


    • Ableton Live control requires Live 11 or higher