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Acoustic Treatment

Acoustic Treatment Collection

Acoustic Treatment

Most buildings ever made have held little to no regard for acoustics throughout their design period. That being the case, buildings and rooms used to produce, record and mix music will always be inferior compared to specially designed and acoustically treated commercial studios. However, there are quality Acoustic Treatment products, that can significantly bridge the gap.

Sounds Easy stock some of the slickest looking acoustic treatment products available, along with all the construction adhesives, mounts etc. to put it all together. We also carry a range of gobos, speaker mounting options, room analysers and other handy isolation products, used for tracking, to turn your room into a functional professional recording space.

Simple adjustments such as bass traps, acoustic panels and diffusers can help minimise common problems that occur in non-treated rooms such as slap-back echo, resonant frequencies and inaccurate low frequency response.

Improve your recordings and mixes by adding acoustic treatment to your room. Acoustic Treatment will also make your room look the part as much as it will transform your space into a useable professional studio environment. The products we carry have been designed to be aesthetically pleasing, and come in a range of colours to suit your current decor.

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