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Audio Interfaces


Audio interfaces allow analogue and digital connectivity of microphones, speakers, headphones, hardware synthesisers and signal processors to be channeled directly into your computer via a dedicated protocol such as USB, Firewire or Thunderbolt. They are most commonly external boxes that house all these connections, although independent PCIe and PCI sound cards are still available.

Generally, the most significant components affecting the price and performance of an audio interface are the quality of the drivers (purpose build software), the internal A/D and D/A converters and clocking system, preamps, connectivity, and how many inputs/outputs are available for recording. Many interfaces also include added features such as Digital Signal Processing (DSP) that allow effects to be processed internally within the interface - thus reducing valuable CPU usage.

The most common audio interfaces allow 2-4 analogue inputs and outputs; giving you simultaneous connectivity of a microphone(s), direct input for guitar, speakers and headphones.  Feel free to contact us to discuss our range of audio interfaces, and those that will best match your studio requirements.

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