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Studio Headphones can provide a critical assessment of your mix and reveal finer details (such as added reverb) that can sometimes be lost in a room.  Although headphones shouldn't be used primarily in the mixing process, it's always a good idea to check your mixes on a good set of cans!

In a broad sense, the sound and functionality of a headphone will largely come down to whether its design is open-back, or closed-back.  A high-quality open-back headphone will generally provide a higher degree of accuracy for mixing, and are more comfortable to use for longer mixing periods.  However, an open-back design will let some sound travel in and out of the headphone which is not ideal for live recording or noisy environments.  Alternatively, closed headphones are best suited for recording, and when the listener wants to isolate themselves from the listening environment.

Another thing to consider when buying headphones is the impedance (Ohmage). This relates to the sensitivity of the headphone speaker, and will determine how well it performs with or without a dedicated headphone amplifier. Feel free to contact us if you need any advice on buying your next set of headphones!

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