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Signal Processing

Bettermaker 502V stereo 500 series compressor

Signal processing is outboard hardware equipment that is used to amplify microphones (PRE-AMPS), effect the dynamics of audio signals (COMPRESSOR/LIMITERS), tone shaping (EQ) and time/modulation based FX (DELAY/CHORUS). Hardware signal processing has never become more affordable and accessible than in todays marketplace. Gone are the days of seamless, magical and seemingly impossible to achieve recordings due to the expense of boutique signal processing equipment. Sounds Easy stock the absolute latest and best 500 format, compressors, limiters, channel-strips, microphone pre-amplifiers, equalizers, DI boxes and time based FX available. We have many of these units out on display and in our studio at all price-points. Please get in touch with us to have a look and/or listen. Chances are, we’ve tried it heard it used it or own it!

If you're recording guitars, vocals, drums or any acoustic instrument, the most important signal processor in your studio gear list would be a quality microphone preamp or channel strip. The microphone preamp will define your sound. There are many to choose from but always get the best preamp you can afford at the time. Preamps are closely followed by a good compressor. A good compressor will manipulate the entire amplitude envelope and essentially give you control of the sound. Fine adjustments in transient design will make all the difference to the overall quality of your mix, and done effectively you won’t and shouldn’t even know they are there. Sounds Easy stock a range of VCA, tube, optical variable mu compressors from leading brands such as Neve, API, Universal Audio, TubeTech, Manley to name a few!

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