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Elektron Overbridge - MUSIKMESSE 2015

April 15, 2015 2 translation missing: en.blogs.article.read_time

Elektron Overbridge


Overbridge is almost ready! Preliminary Public open beta is said to be launched May 2015

What is Overbridge?

Elektron’s new “Overbridge” is a unique piece of software that allows total, seamless integration of their Analog synthesizers and drum Machines like the Analog Four and RYTM into a computer DAW VIA VSTi’s. This is a first of its kind and looks impressive.

Overbridge is something Elektron users have been eagerly waiting for this release - ever since Elektron announced it.

It allows you to record multiple analog parts to separate DAW tracks VIA a single USB cable. You can also feed digital sounds from the computer into your analog devices without any latency or timing issues. You will be able to edit your sounds from the VSTi and sequence in your preferred DAW. Both Mac and PC platforms will be supported.

When a DAW project is loaded, Elektron machine settings are automatically loaded as well. Management of analog sounds has never been easier.

From Elektron:

Preliminary Public open beta is said to be launched May 2015

These will be the key features of the public beta launch:

CoreAudio / ASIO / WDM sound card functionality

Multi-tracking via single USB

Overbridge Control Panel

Analog Four/Keys/Rytm plugins

VSTi plugin format

Parameter automation

Kit/Sound editing capabilities

Sequencing via DAW – “Analog VSTi”

Elektron sequencer sync to DAW

Multiple Elektron units support

Mac and Windows support

Overbridge 1.0 to be launched before summer 2015

These will be the key features of Overbridge 1.0:

AU plugin format

Total recall of machine state

Analog Rytm sample management

Analog processing via plugin

Overbridge 1.1 to be released autumn 2015


These will be the key features of Overbridge 1.1:


Pattern/Song editing

We look forward to seeing Overbridge in operation and are keen to try it on our Analog Four.

Stay tuned and look for Elektron at this years Musikmesse.

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