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Arturia BeatStep Pro Firmware Upgrade Procedure

July 22, 2015 1 translation missing: en.blogs.article.read_time

Are you having troubles upgrading the firmware on you new Arturia Beatstep Pro?


Arturia recommend that the first thing you should do when you open up your new Beatstep Pro is to upgrade the firmware.

There are a few steps to do this and one trick that will need to be done (which is not in the manual) that will make this a smooth process.

Step 1.

Go to the Arturia support page downloads and Manuals - see link below - scroll down to Beatstep Pro and and download the Beatstep Pro “Firmware and MCC” app. One download. What you are actually doing is downloading the Arturia Midi Control Center.


Step 2.

Install the Midi Control Center app and open it, plug in your beat step Pro via the supplied USB cable and turn it on.

Step 3.

The Midi control Center will identify your current firmware and may automatically prompt you to upgrade it. If it doesn’t, click on the upgrade firmware button. A pop up window will ask you to turn off the Beatstep Pro, and when you turn it back on hit OK.

The Trick

This took me about 30 minutes of redoing it numerous times – make sure when you turn the unit off you keep it off for about 30 seconds before turning it back on or it will Fail.

The unit will start it upgrade process, and as the French say, Voila! You’re all done.

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