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February 22, 2016 1 translation missing: en.blogs.article.read_time

Kaotica Eyeball Refection filter


New Product

Ever since artists started to record their vocals at home to save on time and studio rental costs, we have been faced with one major obstacle - Acoustic space. 

You can have the best sounding microphone and preamp your budget allows, a great interface and monitoring but if your room is lively you will never get that sound you can get in a professional studio. 

Vocals are typically recorded in a dead room with little to no wall refection. When we first started to record vocals at home in our bedroom or project studios, we would cover the walls with blankets or cheap bed foam from the local mattress supplier to try and avoid these reflections. In recent years companies like SE Electronics have designed some really useful reflection filters to help remove these unwanted reflection, keep your blankets on your bed and form panels off the walls. We highly recommend these devices, however a newcomer has entered the market with a totally different approach, and one that might just suit your purpose better. 

The Kaotica Eyeball Acoustic Treatment Device is essentially a round foam ball with built in pop filter which surrounds the microphone diagram. It's a very neat design and doesn't need an extra microphone stand and doesn't take up much space. The other benefit is that it's extremely mobile.

Even though the SE Space Reflection filter is currently the most popular device for eliminating room reflections from your vocal recording, the Kaotica Eyeball has plenty of appeal. It's well priced, has a great unique design, will save you space and is totally mobile. 

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