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January 18, 2018 1 translation missing: en.blogs.article.read_time

Well isn't this a nice pre-NAMM surprise? Arturia can always be counted on to be ever so slightly left of field but still within the realms of providing user-friendly, great sounding electronic musical equipment, and their latest offerings are no exception.

The new MiniBrute 2 and the 2S Hybrid Analog Synthesizer Sequencer really are something exciting.

The MiniBrute upgrade by itself would have been enough, but the addition of the sequencer synth just kicks this announcement out of the park! What a great idea, an all in one sequencing modular mono synth!

In the updated MiniBrute 2 you'll find a second VCO; a second LFO; new VCO and Filter frequency modulation, and brand new, loopable AD envelope!

It's exactly how you want updates to be, all the things you loved about the previous version, but with new and exciting added extras!

 Minibrute2 top

And thankfully it still has the "Brute Factor". 

It goes without saying that the addition of the "modular" section on both units is really the stand out feature of the Minibrute 2, being able to intercept and redirect the hardwired architecture of the circuitry and mangle and mold the sounds as you like, is amazing for any synth at this price point and quality. If you've never experienced modular before then the Minibrute is definitely a great starting point.

We are expecting stock in late Feb, but you can preorder now,

Preorder - Minibrute 2
Preorder - 2S Hybrid Analog Synthesizer Sequencer

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