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April 27, 2018 1 translation missing: en.blogs.article.read_time

Buy Now - Arturia V Collection 6

Arturia have just released V Collection 6.1.

V Collection 6 was always awesome, but it lacked the full NKS support that the previous V collection had, something that was big selling point in the previous version. In Arturia's defence the version 6 upgrade was immense and they could be forgiven for not having this aspect of the update in place at the time of release.

Thankfully that's all been resolved and now you can browse at will using the Native Instruments NKS system. It really does make things way easier.

Arturia 6.1 update

But that's not all, they've even revamped their own native browser falling in line with their own Analogue 3 browser that was so popular among users. 

There are also 3 new sound banks that come free with the update!
Arturia really don't hold back when it comes to delivering.

This 6.1 update has made V Collection complete and if you haven't already bought V Collection 6 then now would be the perfect time! 

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