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July 09, 2018 1 translation missing: en.blogs.article.read_time

All things Elektron

Could it be true?
Overbridge 2 is nearly here?
For a lot of you out there I bet this is great news. We get a lot of people asking us when the new Overbridge is coming and we've never really been able to give them an answer, but now we can.......kinda.

This is a closed BETA which means you'll have to apply and then be approved before you will get access. The upside of course is that if they are at the closed Beta stage then it's only a matter of time (hopefully a short amount of time) before the full version is released.

elektron black

 There have been updates made available for many of the Elektron products which include the Analog Four MKI and MKII, Analog Keys, Analog RYTM MKI and MKII, Digitakt, Digitone, and Analog Heat MKI. This wil mean they'll be ready for when 2.0 is released.
It's probably safe to assume the Analog Heat MK2 will land fully compatible.
This is all the information we currently have, and we are as eager as all of you to take Overbridge 2.0 for a spin.
Watch this space!

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