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September 27, 2018 1 translation missing: en.blogs.article.read_time

As with all Apple offerings the Mojave upgrade brings with it's own set of issues.

If you're  like me and want the latest thing yesterday or the day before that!
Then you probably are champing at the bit to install Mojave. It sure does have some cool new tricks up it's sleeve, but unfortunately not everything in the audio world is playing nice with it.
Sound Toys for example are having some GUI issues, and if you're a DJ using Serato then you have been advised to hold off upgrading until further notice.

You would hope some of the larger DAW and VST devs out there have ironed out any possible quirks by now, but you never really know until the OS is out there in the real world.
Thankfully there will always be a few early adopters who will sacrifice themselves for the greater good and let us know which works and which doesn't, but if you're not of that ilk then I would suggest biding your time until you get the  "all clear!" from all of your software brands, or of course until you can't take it any more and must upgrade! 


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