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October 11, 2018 2 translation missing: en.blogs.article.read_time

Novation today has released the next generation of SL keyboard controllers. 


The SL MkIII extends the SL MkII's workflow with an eight-track polyphonic sequencer for constructing productions with everything staying in sync.

And now it's possible to bring MIDI hardware and CV/Gate synths together by plugging them all in.

Featuring an all-new design, the SL MkIII has been re-engineered to control the whole studio, working perfectly alongside any HUI-compatible DAW. Novation has wworked with Ableton® to create an absolutely stunning keyboard controller for their Live™ music-making software. The SL MkIII boasts our finest, most playable and expressive synth-style semi-weighted keybed, with a sprung action and our highest scan rate, all tuned to the needs of the experienced player.

Key features

  • Absolute hardware control, taking total control directly from the internal eight-track polyphonic pattern-based sequencer
  • Easy hardware integration with Ableton® Live™ or any other HUI-compatible DAW. Controlling software is made easy by recording productions from a studio centrepiece
  • Whether in the box or outside the box, the MIDI and analogue clock and transport controls keep everything running in time
  • Highly customisable mappings for hardware and software easily control everything
  • USB; MIDI In, Out, Out 2/Thru; three pedal inputs; Analogue Clock Out; and two CV Pitch, Gate, and Mod outputs can be used to route anything anywhere
  • SL MkIII's pads, buttons, eight faders and eight knobs take control of all major music software using InControl
  • The SL MkIII has an exceptionally high scan rate of 10kHz (10,000 times per second), giving the keyboard a huge dynamic range for expressive keyboard performance
  • SL MkIII's velocity-sensitive RGB pads have multiple functions: they can be used for launching clips, as steps in the sequencer, they are perfect for the finger drummer, and have polyphonic aftertouch
  • Components allows templates and sessions to be backed up and restored in the cloud, enabling access from anywhere in the world. All content can also be saved locally
  • Available in 49-key and 61 key versions

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