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The Triad-Orbit, Precision® AV Atmos Speaker Mount System offers many options for mounting onto walls, ceilings or Triad-Orbit® IO.


Triad-Orbit offers a wide range of components for integrating the Precision System into any space right out of the box. 

From the standard SM-1 mounting bracket to truss mounts to extension poles, there’s no need to add expensive and time-consuming custom fabrication to your design and integration process. 


Mounts are available for JBL and Genelec speakers, and word on the street is that a few more speaker brands are coming soon!

The SM-PM1 pipe mounting plate is intended for use with standard 3/4” NTS pipe thread and can be used with the SM-SW1 swivel and with the SM-WM1 wall mounting plate to add reach where needed. Each of the speaker brackets for JBL 7005p and 708p (SM-705B and SM-708B) has five possible mounting points to allow for optimal positioning.

Both the SM-7IP 705i and 708i, and SM-GP (Genelec Oner Series) speaker plates have four (4) 50mm holes and four (4) 80mm slots for ease of mounting. Note:

Some small-format speakers may mount directly onto the SM-SW1 swivel without the need of a speaker mounting plate.

If you want learn more about the Triad-Orbit Precision AV Speaker Mounting System, just give us a call!

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