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November 13, 2020 3 translation missing: en.blogs.article.read_time

Following their recently published patent, Townsend Labs are proud and excited to announce that the latest software update to the Sphere plug-in is here. And in this one, they go beyond modeling!

Version 1.5 adds new features for voice-over artists and music producers seeking better recordings under challenging conditions. New models of four classic microphones, each with a proud history of vocal/voice-over use, have been added to Sphere’s ever-growing mic locker, and Version 1.5 introduces IsoSphere™, a patented new technology that helps combat the unwanted effects of poor room acoustics. It’s available in all major native plug-in formats as well as Universal UAD-2/Apollo and Avid AAX—and like all Sphere upgrades to date, it’s free of charge.

Once again, the team at Townsend Labs has been working hard to add even more value to the Sphere L22 system.

It is their way of saying “Thank You” to their existing customers while providing more value to those that may have been waiting to buy. They recognize that some of you may be waiting for a mic you’ve ordered a while ago to finally be delivered.

No other modeling microphone on the market today gives you this combination of flexibility, authenticity, and stellar sonic options. Sphere 1.5 also introduces a new, refined user interface. It’s a more focused design that emphasizes essential features, such as mic model selection, and neatly integrates the new IsoSphere™ feature, which immediately feels natural and organic.

The Sphere 1.5 update introduces a selection of new presets from world-famous artists, producers, and engineers including Chris Baseford, Joe Chiccarelli, Billy Bush, and Cassidy Turbin. It also features go-to settings by voice-over artists such as Brent Allen Hagel and Jordan Reynolds. These highly usable presets are the ideal starting point to record a specific instrument or just to get inspired, and just like the update itself, they are available at no additional cost.

New Microphones:

LD-87 Modern LD-87 Modern, based on a current production 87 in factory-shipping condition. In production for almost 35 years, the 87 has become a defacto standard for broadcast, voice-over, and many other applications.

Our new LD-87 Modern model is slightly brighter and more modern-sounding than our LD-87 Vintage model, which had been in the Sphere Core collection from the beginning. Arguably, the 87 is the world’s best-known studio microphone of all, and it’s the gold standard for many voice-over artists, podcasters, and broadcasters alike.

LD-37A LD-37A, based on a classic 1950s Japanese tube microphone which has been used by countless icons, including Sinatra, Nat King Cole, and Hendrix. Compared to other condensers, it’s known for a warmer, smoother sound, which can be good for taming sibilance and harsh high-end, yet still has enough 'air' in the upper register to avoid sounding dull. It’s a favorite choice for drum overheads and toms for many engineers but also excels on vocals and electric guitars.

LD-37P Microphone LD-37P, based on a lesser-known FET version of the 37A Japanese tube microphone. The 37P is slightly brighter than the 37A. It can be an excellent choice to freshen up source material that is a bit dull sounding. While the 37P is not nearly as well known as its tube predecessor, but you can still find it in prized microphone collections and at world-class studios such as Power Station/Avatar.

DN-20 Microphone DN-20, based on an industry-standard large-diaphragm dynamic microphone used on applications ranging from broadcast and voice-over to kick drum. The microphone is often a go-to choice for spoken word applications due to its pleasant presence boost with a sharp high-frequency dip to minimize sibilance. It’s a staple of AM/FM radio hosts and DJs around the world. Its frequency response is tailored toward voice recording but music producers and engineers also like to use this mic for kick drums, bass amps, and horns. The mic has even proved its worth for singers such as Stevie Wonder, Paul McCartney, and Radiohead’s Thom Yorke.

Download the update and get started with Sphere 1.5 right now.


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