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Townsend Labs made quite a stir back in 2017 with the release of their Sphere mic modelling system. 
They weren't the first company to create a modelling system to capture the sound and essence of classic, and in some cases very expensive microphones, but it could be argued that they have definitely raised the bar by quite a few levels.
The Sphere microphone captures the soundfield more completely, including directional and distance information, that is lost when using a conventional single channel microphone. With this additional information it becomes possible to reconstruct how different microphones respond to the soundfield.

With the latest update to version 1.2 you get  9 new mic models! 

Here's a rundown of the mics.

sphere 414 brass

The original 414 with a brass-ringed CK12 capsule is one of the greatest studio mics of all time. The mic can be a fantastic choice for drum overheads, snare drum, and acoustic guitar.

sphere 414 nylon

In the late 1970s, AKG switched to a new capsule with a nylon mounting ring in the 414. While many people prefer the sound of the older CK12 capsule, the nylon version has a more neutral response which can work well on many sources.

 414 us

One of the most ubiquitous condenser microphones of all time. The mic uses essentially the same nylon capsule as the later production 414 EB, so the sound is quite similar although a bit more neutral.

 414 t2

Based on a newer 414 variant that was designed to recreate the sound of the old CK12 capsule but using a modern nylon style capsule. This was one of the first 414s that used a transformerless circuit.

ld67 nos

In 1991, a limited production U67 was released, made from new-old-stock parts that had been discovered. In theory, these mics are the same as the earlier versions, but in practice they sound distinctly different.

ld 87 tk

Based on an 87 with the famous Tracy Korby modification. The modification extends the 87's response at both the low and high end, giving it a more modern sound but without accentuating sibilance.

rb 77dx satin

One of the most iconic microphones of all time. Countless musical legends, such as Bing Crosby, Ray Charles, Frank Sinatra, Elvis Presley, B.B. King and Johnny Cash, have been recorded with a 77.

 rb 77dx umber

The 77DX is known for having a wide manufacturing variability, so some of these mics sound quite different from each other. The RB-77DX Umber model is substantially darker and smoother than the RB-77DX Satin model.


Famously used to record Michael Jackson's vocals on the album Thriller, the DN-7 is based on a dynamic microphone which holds its own with some of the best condenser mics ever made. The model is based on the discontinued "A" version.

All Sphere users can now enjoy nine new mic models at no extra cost. We added four different 414s, two different sounding RCA 77DX ribbons, the classic 7A dynamic, a new old stock U67—which sounds surprisingly different to the vintage one that’s already included—and a U87 with the famous Korby mod. The Sphere plug-in now includes over 20 mic models. 

If this isn't a reason to have the Townsend Sphere in your studio, then I don't know what is! 


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