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September 04, 2018 2 translation missing: en.blogs.article.read_time

Buy Now - IK Multimedia UNO

The Uno from IK Multimedia is what people in the car world might call a sleeper.
Something that looks like it's is small with no power, but then blows more impressive looking cars out of the water! 

This is the UNO in a nutshell, and to dig even deeper into this unassuming device's power, there's now a editing software available for the MAC, PC and IOS platforms.

Here's what IK Multimedia have to say about it.

The UNO Synth Editor is a plug-in and standalone app that lets you access all the parameters of IK’s groundbreaking UNO Synth, the real analog synthesizer for everyone. The Editor lets you go beyond the front panel controls and access deeper programming settings like full 4-stage ADSR envelopes for both filter and amplitude, pulse width and waveform shape modulation of the oscillators, modulation wheel assignments, velocity control and much more. The Editor does not make sound on its own. Rather, it is a controller for the UNO Synth hardware that gives you remote control of this innovative instrument from your computer or mobile device.

UNO ios

The UNO Synth Editor works as a standalone application on iPhone and iPad, but on Mac and PC something special happens: in addition to a standalone application, the UNO Synth works as a plug-in inside your favourite  DAW.
This means that you can program and play the UNO Synth just like a virtual instrument with total recall, so the Editor will recall its previous settings each time you open an older session. And it's freely resizable, so you can adjust the screen size to fit your workflow.
Enjoy the convenience and flexibility of plug-ins, but with the massive advantage of real analog synthesizer sound. With UNO Editor, you can take your music production to the next level faster than you ever imagined working with an analog synth could be.

UNO ios

Connect your rig
UNO Synth Editor makes it a breeze to configure UNO Synth to integrate into your existing rig the way you want it to. The Global Settings menu provides a convenience way to map MIDI routings, letting you freely assign communication across both the MIDI DIN ports and USB. Connect both outboard gear and virtual apps instantly, and use UNO Synth as both a MIDI interface and MIDI controller!

First, you can set the knob editing between 3 modes: Absolute, Relative and Pass-Through. This changes how the UNO Synth’s front panel knobs behave when moving between different parameters. Depending on how you use the synth, you may want to have the knobs make the parameters jump to the current knob position when they are turned, increase or decrease smoothly from the current value regardless of the knob position, or wait to have an effect on the parameter until the knob position passes through the current value. Dial in the style that’s right for you.

 This is a great addition to an already powerful little unit!

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