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February 01, 2022 2 translation missing: en.blogs.article.read_time

Known for their innovative blackbox tabletop synth and complete line of Eurorack synths, 1010 now brings their acclaimed wavetable and granular synthesis tech to a synth that. Stuff your backpack with the best synthesizer per inch you can find and chase your bliss. Bring your own samples or use the included presets to blaze unique sonic trails. Whether you’re after the classic, punchy wavetable sounds that launched a ton of 90’s dance hits; beautiful, modulating pads that surf through gently moving waves; or granular synth tones with the perfect grit and glitch for today’s lo-fi tracks - 1010’s new nanobox synths deliver in a sweet, intoxicating way. Like all 1010music products, nanobox maximizes a touchscreen interface to let you quickly groove with a fast, fluid, intuitive workflow, and Integrates seamlessly with controllers, other synths, drum machines, and audio devices. To see them in action check out our new video.

Add inspiring flavour to your music with the nanobox collection of polyphonic mini synthesizers. From lemondrop to fireball, each model combines its own unique approach to synthesis with intuitive touchscreen control and an ultra-compact form factor you can literally take anywhere. You’ll feel like a kid in a candy store as you explore an assortment of professionally designed presets or dive deep into crafting your own sounds. Don’t let their size deceive you. Under their colorful candy shells, the nanobox mini synthesizers carry a powerful synth engine with intuitive touchscreen controls. Connect them to your studio speakers or headphones and explore luscious atmospheric sounds, gritty bursts of noise, and sweetly whispered nothings. The nanobox mini synths are designed to connect to your existing studio gear without taking up a lot of space. Easily trigger notes and control parameters with your favorite MIDI controller. For a truly compact mobile synth rig, connect your headphones and a USB battery, then trigger notes and morph the sound with the touchscreen wherever your music takes you.



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