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Access Music

Access Music is a privately held company that manufactures hardware synthesizers known as Virus. The German company was founded in 1997, and their first product was a 12-voice virtual-analog synthesizer. This synthesizer was considered unique in comparison to competitor products since it didn’t represent any vintage gear of the past. It didn’t take long for the Virus to spread!

The success of Virus allowed the company to craft their own distinct sound, and evolve in creative directions that would not have been possible if they were simply cloning vintage hardware. Access synthesizers have now become the weapon-of-choice for a plethora of world-famous music producers and performers from rock bands such as Depeche Mode, to electronic acts such as the Chemical Brothers.  Virus now includes the capability for ‘total integration’ into the modern digital audio workstation (DAW); making it even more productive in the studio.

Today, Virus is one of the most versatile, sought after synthesizers in the music industry.  In Australia, Innovative Music is currently the national distributor for all Access products.