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Genelec SAM DSP controlled Active Studio Monitors

Genelec GLM Kit

The Genelec SAM™ studio monitoring systems have been around since 2012. SAM stands for Smart Active Monitoring. The system is designed to enable the user to calibrate their Genelec speaker system to the room, and compensate for poor acoustic spaces. The Genelec SAM system consists of 1 x GLM 2.0 adaptor hub, 1 x 9310AM remote volume control, 1 x 8300A calibrated measurement microphone, 1 x USB cable and 2 x RJ45 network cables. 

The calibration is easy to use. Simply use the included reference microphone to make room measurements, and use the GLM software to represent the physical placement your speakers and listening position. The SAM speakers are then able to compensate to your environment based on the data collected all via the provided network cables. The GLM software itself is currently able to handle up to 30 loudspeakers, making it an outstanding solution for calibrating 5.1, 7.1 and many other surround sound formats.

With many new studio spaces being either un-treated or residential, Genelec’s SAM system provides you with the technology to compensate and adapt to your environment. SAM systems are also backwards compatible, so you can rest assured that your investment will last with updates and future improvements in the technology. Another excellent reason to invest in SAM monitors is for traveling music producers, who are now able to achieve consistency if they need to set up the speakers in different rooms.  

Genelec are a trusted brand that have become industry leaders in active studio monitor production. Their speakers can be found in professional recording studios, post production and broadcast facilities, universities and project studios globally. 

In most cases the GLM kit can be purchased separate but you will need Genelec SAM equipped speakers for it to work. There are some Sam + GLM bundles but these will soon be phased out.