Soundcraft is a British designer and importer of mixing consoles and other professional audio equipment. It is a subsidiary of Harman International Industries, and was founded by sound engineer Phil Dudderidge and electronics designer Graham Blyth in 1973.

Soundcraft first made its mark on the scene by manufacturing the Series 1 - the first mixing console built into a flight-case. It was available with 12 or 16 input channels and 4 outputs—main stereo, plus a post-fader ‘echo’ send and pre-fader foldback. Each channel had four-band fixed-frequency EQ. The Series 1 also included a multi-pin connector that integrated with a multi-channel microphone snake to route signals from and to the stage from a mix position in the audience.

Today, Soundcraft offer a wide range of innovative mixers that offer excellent value for money for budget minded consumers, as well as discerning professionals that demand reliability from a trusted brand.